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  1. Mike Miller has been retained as the Voice of the 2009 Memorial Cup Champion Windsor Spitfires... http://new.windsorspitfires.com/viewcontent.php?id=3233
  2. AHL/ECHL/etc team folds/moves/affliation changes

    If anything, I'm hoping the Wings bring in some of the Flyers fans opening weekend because of the affiliation. I know fans are understandably upset at the Devils being the affiliate here (with the name to boot), but the Flyers have provided had very little in terms of ECHL talent since the Kelly Cup year. Just ask Wheeling and Mississippi. The Wings are smart for including San Jose on this too, though they're not much to write home about with their ECHL track record either. With that said, while we're at the mercy of Lowell, I'll gladly take Kell, Castonguay, Cohen, etc. over the scraps that Philly has given their ECHL teams in the past few years.
  3. Titans by Number?

    No problem, they just added those to the site. Nice to see they're respecting the Titans history by recognizing their records.
  4. Titans by Number?

    http://trentondevils.com/page.php?pid=214 "Trenton by the Jersey Numbers"
  5. Development Camp Roster

    I would guess, Laperriere, Terreri, Robinson, Johnny Mac and Scotty are all there.
  6. Development Camp Roster

    No Brad Snetsinger either, though if I recall correctly, he was injured towards the end of the playoffs in Trenton. EDIT: Doing some more research, I think Charles Long could be ECHL material. In the 2008-09, he was 10-10-6 with a 2.52 goals-against-average on a pretty mediocre team that plays in a strong conference.
  7. I was under the impression Chris Modrzynski was already the Devils' COO. Is he taking a step back or getting a promotion?
  8. 980 WCAP IS LIVE! GDT 3/14 Lowell @ Portland

    Snetsinger's back for Trenton today! Hooray!
  9. GDT: 2/25 Lowell @ Worcester

    How did Matt Cohen look in the game? EDIT: Saw RJ mentioned that Cohen played solid.
  10. Matt Cohen recalled to Low Hell <(@,@)>

    He scored in the 9-7 game on Bertoli Night.