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  1. I like this guy....

    Tough crowd in here. The key player bit is supposed to identify someone teams really need to play well in order to succeed, not necessarily the team's best player. Coburn's huge for Philadelphia because he'll suddenly be playing 25+ minutes a night; Redden's big in New York because they desperately need a capable veteran to step up on the blueline given how thin they are on the back end. Carey Price is a good pick for Montreal, but (a) I didn't want to go with all goalies, and (b) Kovalev played out of his mind last season and could easily crash back down to earth. He was a big reason they succeeded last year. New Jersey? A severely underrated defence, the best goaltender in the league and some players who could really breakout this time around after so-so seasons last year. I think they could really surprise everyone this season.