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  1. Hello from Ireland

    If I was honest, I hadn't heard much about ice hockey until about 10 years ago when there was talk of my home city having a team. If was a big deal back then for various reason in our little country. Once the season started I quickly fell in love with the game and it was only a matter of time before I started watching some games from the NHL. One of the first game I saw involved a Mr Brodeur, he was pretty awesome to be fair, and I went on from there learning what I could of the team.
  2. Last Person to Post on this thread wins

    Not if I have anything to do with it [evil laugh]Mwah ha ha ha haaaa[/evil laugh]
  3. Hello from Ireland

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome Devilsfan26, I can have a look for you when I am in The Dundalk Icedome where they may sell them in their shop or order them in. I help out with a recreational team there from time to time on the bench or taking photos and could ask prices, I'd guess at the exchange rate it'd be about $70-$80.
  4. Hello from Ireland

    Why thank you Brodeurrocks (loving the name). I certainly won't be shy at all. *smiles with a cheeky grin*
  5. Hello from Ireland

    Hi there to all you lot! I'm a guy from Belfast, Northern Ireland who is an avid Belfast Giants fan but I have been following the New Jersey Devils for a while now also. Only recently come across this forum and thought I'd say hello. It seems impressive and I hope to linger about for a while, if I'm allowed. Be gentle, Squeek