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  1. GDT 10/7/14: THE NJ DEVILS @ Philadelphia 7PM

    Where did you find this info?
  2. Hockey Canada releases PSA's

    Is there fighting in womens hockey?
  3. Who is the best player on the Devils?

    Personally, I don't like to compare goalies against skaters as their worlds are totally different. The best skater on the Devils is Niedermayer as he is a force on both ends of the ice. However, the most valuable player on the Devils is Brodeur as not only does he make big saves and changes the flow of the game with his puckhandling ability; but he also carries an aura of greatness that psychologically effects his teammates and opponents. The team playing in front of him, realizing that they have the best in the business behind them, has an added zeal to their game as they know, no matter who they play, they have the ability to win. The team playing against him, realizing that they can dominate the game and still lose, is prone to getting frustrated on the ice.
  4. In Case You Guys Are Interested...

    Well ESPN will always hate the Devils as long as Lamoriello is running the show: "I've had it with Lou Lamoriello," ESPN executive Mark Quenzel told the magazine. "He cares only about his team, not trying to market the NHL." Quite frankly, I can take the devils being portrayed as the bad guy in all of ESPN's ventures, as long as the team still wins championships. And I love how network executives can't stand to take some of the blame for a problem they are 90% responsible for.