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  1. Devils Free Ticket Contest to Saturdays Game 10/23

    Won a pair of tickets to tonight's game Fortunately I stumbled across this thread right before the entry date was about to expire.
  2. Gold medal GDT: USA-Canada

    Good God...they are showing drunk rangers fans on nbc now....
  3. Gold medal GDT: USA-Canada

    And I thought I couldn't hate Sidney Crosby anymore. I almost wish that Zach didn't score, I thought if we tied it up we had the game for sure....
  4. GDT: USA vs. CANADA

    What a game last night, just an awesome day for hockey. Both the Czech Rep vs Russia and US vs Canada games were great. Just wish I could have watched the Finland vs Sweden game. Womens semifinals today, looks like a Canada vs US final.
  5. GDT: Nashville @ New Jersey 7:00 EST

    What a great game to be at live I thought that failed attempt on the 5-3 in the 1st might be the game changer, but luckily we were able to bounce back. Crowd was really into at the start of the first and then down the stretch in the third. Great to be there for Ilya's first goal.
  6. GDT: Nashville @ New Jersey 7:00 EST

    Excited to erase the memories of Wednesday tonight at the Rock
  7. GDT-Flyers @ Devils-Revenge Edition.

    Now would be a perfect time to go out and shovel snow. Was 7-0 in games I was at this year until tonight....
  8. GDT-Flyers @ Devils-Revenge Edition.

    This is going to be a fun night getting to and back from the game. My first time actually seeing Devils vs Flyers live!
  9. GDT: Devils @ Flyers

    Hopefully our offense will be clicking tonight
  10. 3rd edition GDT: Maple Leafs @ Devilchuk 7:00pm EST

    Wow, what an awesome game last night. I think this might be the thing to break us out of our slump. Big game tonight, lets see if we can keep it going...
  11. OFFICIAL!! Devils Trade for Kovalchuk

    Wow....what a steal. I like our chances at getting #4 once we get Patty, Clarkson, and Martin back in the lineup. Can't wait for the game on the 10th against the Flyers, seeing Kovalchuk live for the first time in a Devils jersey is going to be awesome. Excited for tonights game.
  12. WWE/TNA/ROH - Wrestling Thread

    Anyone go to DGUSA last night? Took us over 3 hours for a 65 mile ride Awesome show though, although the main event was a bit disappointing.
  13. GDT: Capitals @ Devils 7:00 pm EST

    Awesome night at the Rock, totally different environment then on Wednesday night when we played the Ducks. The crowd was roaring the whole night and it was just awesome to experience. We really did a nice job to rebound from those early goals and pretty much controlled the game from the middle of the first period on. Its nice to be 1st in the east Hopefully we can keep it up on Monday against the Flyers.
  14. NHL Beat the Streak

    Hey guys, like the idea for this game, wish I saw it earlier. I would like to make my first pick: 11/14: Parise
  15. GDT: Capitals @ Devils 7:00 pm EST

    Will be up in 211 tonight. Was there on Wednesday and maybe its just me but the whole crowd seemed dead the whole night which is a shame because it could have been a very nice evening. However, I remember last year an early Saturday night game against the Caps (that great 6-5 shootout game) drew 17,000+ and was a great experience. Hopefully tonight will be one of those great nights at the Rock.