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  1. GDT Home Open Jamboree - Ducks @ Devils, 7 PM, MSG+/WFAN

    Anyone have a livestream
  2. GDT Devils at Flyers 9/30 7pm on MSG+

    Does anybody know about a live stream or radio broadcast online?
  3. Devils Survivor

    Ilya Kovalchuk -------- 39+ Patrik Elias ------------ 38- Ryan Carter------------ 30 Andy Greene---------- 23 Steve Bernier---------- 22 Andrei Loktionov-------21 Adam Larsson--------- 21 Martin Brodeur-------- 17 Dainius Zubrus-------- 15 Adam Henrique-------- 14 Travis Zajac------------ 11 Mark Fayne------------ 10 David Clarkson-------- 8 Jacob Josefson------- 6 Marek Zidlicky --------- 4 Stephen Gionta-------1
  4. Link Tony Mariconda worked as a goal judge and penalty box official. Aside from working with the Devils he was also a science teacher at my high school. Through our school hockey club and several after school Devils discussions I got to know Mr. Mariconda quite well. There were three things he loved in life his wife Joan, his sons Philip and Paul, and the New Jersey Devils. Whenever my friends and I would go to games we would always pay attention to the off ice officials to see if he was working the game, which he usually was. This would cause us to break out into a Tony Mariconda chant we used to say at hockey club games when he would call penalties. I would just like to wish his family and anyone else here who has had the pleasure to know him my deepest condolences. R.I.P. Mr. Mariconda
  5. What Do You Pledge?

    I will go to as many games as i can get tix to as the Greenman!!
  6. GDT 1/4/11 - Wild vs New Jersey Devils - 7 PM

    Lets Go Devils!
  7. New Devils' Site From the Bergen Record

    Been using this for a few days now its not bad
  8. The Best Solution To The Rolston Problem

    Awesome faux-article!!! on a serious note i have a friend who babysits for rolston and his sister in-law. she is quite friendly with the families and they know she is a huge devil fan. She has asked him questions about the team from time to time and he has been very open and honest with her about most issues. she asked him about trade and retirement rumors. his answer to her was that he hasnt been approached by lou or any1 from the team about ether but did add that if he was asked to waive his no trade clause he said he would rather retire to help the team than be traded and move his family again. you can take my and my friends word for it or not but i believe her and shes turned me on to other inside team info in the past.
  9. Nic Bergfors?

    Pass on Bergs. the only time he played at the level we all expected him to is when he played up on the 1st line with parise and zajac in the beginning of the season and on the pp. playing up with those two can make any1 look good. U put him on the 2nd n 3rd lines n he is an average player.
  10. Nice Ideas for marketing..

    I work with the devils marketing department and will take these and any other ideas to my boss. I have taken ideas from boards before and have been told that they have people who follow many forum sites looking for ideas so most of the more popular ideas that always pop up they have heard before. But I am more than happy to bring any and all ideas to my boss to pass off as my own. lol only kidding. Also just to get this out of the way I have asked every person I know within the organization and have gotten no information; outside of what is already in the papers and on the web; about the Kovy hearings.
  11. this makes me that much more excited to go to this game
  12. Letterman does skit on Parise and Crosby

  13. Greene steps up in Martin's absence

    Good article i love how Greene has been playin. Last year I hated seeing him in the line up now i think with Martin and Oduya out he could easily be the best defenseman on the team.
  14. GDT: Devils @ Penguins

    Nice Win!!!! Pitt put some good stretches together but I liked what I saw. DOWN GOES THE CHAMPS!!
  15. GDT: Devils @ Penguins

    Beauty by Parise! lookin pretty good