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  1. Game Seven: Devils at Senators

    Congrats fellas! Now plaese beat those damn Ducks so I don't have to watch a parade with Mickey mouse in it. PLEASE!!!!!
  2. R O L L C A L L F O R T R U E B E L I E V E R S

    The difference between the Devils and the Flyers every year it seems is that the Devils are clutch performers. I never wavered in my belief that they would win this series because they are winners in every sense of the word. I know I have Philly in my username, but I am a hockey fan as well and I appreciate when the game is played right. If I tried to discuss this series with Flyer fans, I would be called a traitor so I came on here where I may not be accepted, but I won't be run off the board either. Anyway, anyone wanna know how I think the Ducks series will play out? LOL
  3. R O L L C A L L F O R T R U E B E L I E V E R S

    I'm no Devils fan, but Broduer will shutout the Sens tonight. These last two games will just make the celebration that much sweeter. Btw, if the Devils do lose though, It's a choke. Up 3 games to one and losing is always a choke. I'm a Flyers fan so I know all about it.
  4. What Are You Honestly

    I expect Broduer to shutout the Senators.
  5. Devils Perfect For New Jersey

    Winning is the bottom line. I have watched the Devils crush my hopes many times. However, any knowledgable fan who isn't jealous should be upset that their team couldn't overcome the defense rather than being upset at the defensive system itself. Hell, just about every team in the NHL plays a form of the trap, they're just not as good at playing it as the Devils are. Two cups with the possibility of a third on the way in 8 years is a phenominal run. It would be completely stupid for the Devils to change.
  6. Is Anyone Worried

    The Devils will win game 6 then will proceed to the task of bringing Giguere to reality. Again, the Sens are a scary team I know, but they are overmatched in net and in experience. I don't think you Devil fans realize just how good this years Devils team is. They'll give you another example of just how good they are Wednesday. Prepare to rejoice!
  7. Is Anyone Worried

    There is no way that the Sens can beat the Devils 3 tiimes in a row. I understand that the Sens are a scary team and that makes some hesitant. However, the Sens really rely on their opposition beating themselves and the Devils just do not do that. Stanley cups are not won on paper and the Sens have too may wussy Euros and not enough experienced veterans. Factor in the fact that Lalime isn't worthy to hold Broduer's jock and this series is as good as over. Game 5 will be tough because the Sens are at home, but this series will be done in 6 tops.
  8. Burns Promises Victory

    Sens4ever: I'm not bitter at all. Anyone who has an iota of hockey knowledge knew the Sens would beat the Flyers again. The Devils have caused me much more anguish than the Sens ever have so my earlier post was an honest opinion to how I feel the series will be won by the Devils.
  9. Burns Promises Victory

    As a Flyer fan, I hate both of these teama a great deal. That being said, I think the Sens fans are in for harsh surprise against the Devils. Beating the Flyers in the playoffs means absolutely nothing considering their penchant for quitting, crap goaltending and how banged up they were. Quite simply, the Devils are a whole other beast to contend with and the Sens will have to play 10X better than they did in the Flyers series to have a chance. Imo, the series comes down to the trap and their isn't a team that plays it with more precision than the Devils. If you look at the Flyers/Sens series closely, you will see that special teams and weak goals were the culprit of the Flyers annual downfall. These are two problems that the Devils do not have. Brouder is a filet mignon and Chemo is a bag of sh!t so the Sens can't count on those 55 foot unscreened shots getting through. Additionallly, the Devils have an awesome PK and two playmaking defenseman who can carry the puck rather than the Flyers cement shoed D-Men who panic and fling the puck to the opposition. The Devils are also a very disciplined team who won't take bad penalties like the Flyers did. I know the Sens fans are on an emotional high, but fear should be gripping them. The Devils are more experienced, tougher and just won't go away or panic. Quite simply, they are focused and that spells doom for the Sens. If the Sens allow the first goal in this series like they did against the Flyers, it will be a quick death. I think they'll be smarter than that, but I'm still going with Devils in 6.