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  1. Your 2009/2010 Regular Season Survey

    Home games Attended: 23 W/L Record at those games: 17-5-1 Away games Attended (location): 1 - Philly preseason W/L Record at those games: 0-1 Favorite Game: St. Patrick's Day Favorite Goal: game winner - comeback vs. Toronto Favorite Save: all of them Least favorite game: Oopening Night Angriest moment: blowing the lead against LA Happiest moment: the hat tossing after Kovy's first goal Moment you'll remember for the rest of your life: comback vs, Toronto (great win and was crushed when the people behind us fell on us) Game you didn't attend you wish you did: Game you attended you wish you didn't: opening night Closest to the ice you've sat: fourth row Farthest from the ice you've sat: second row from the top Best in-game dinner: Worst in-game dinner: Are you going to any playoff games? maybe second round Every playoff game? no
  2. Doc did play by play for the shutout in Buffalo, so i can't think of a win not broadcast by him. This is going to be a tough week of games, listening to Steve talk about a team that's struggling.
  3. Gulitti: Devils STILL a Mickey Mouse Organization

    I was trying to avoid putting in my two cents but... I think the Devils do many of the game day activities pretty well. I do agree with many of the suggestions that have been made, but there are extenuating circumstances that limit what can be done in some of the cases. I know a lot of people (myself included) that would love more harder rock in the building, maybe an intro that has some pyro like Calgary....maybe even "Welcome to Hell" messages around the building, playing off the Devils name. Unfortunately, this can't happen. There is a portion of the population that feels the name is blasphemous to their religion...and every so often, groups pop up asking teams like the Devils to change their names. The Devils would not want the negative press associated with such a confrontation, and they seem to try and avoid offending people as much as possible. The loud, bad music is probably tied into the whole NHL/XM deal. Watching games on Center Ice, the same weak songs seem to pop up everywhere. We have frequently mentioned how the Devils have a young fanbase, and unfortunately, what we hear is what people think the young people like (and listening to the little kids scream at games, many do). I personally never need to hear the Chicken Dance or "get your hands in the air" stuff ever again, but that's just my opinion. I never need to see SpongeBob or hear the theme at another matinee game again, but realize they need to market to everyone, not just me...plus it did start a funny conversation when I mentioned last year that it was Bobby Holik in the costume and he was trying to scare the children. As for pre-game videos, it sounds like a good idea....but people sitting in their seats watching the jumbotron are not buying anything. People that are bored, waiting for the game to start, will walk the concourse or go to the Devils Den....and buy things. I'm not a fan of the mascots or cheerleaders or any of that, I go to games to watch the game - personally, I don't even need chants or sectional cheers - but that's just me, but I do see the value to having them in the building. If the kids stay entertained, the families stay longer and spend more...plus they are good for community relations (its good to have representatives of the team meeting people when we have public events like the opening of Championship Plaza). We are a young team, with a limited collection of alumni, so we are limited to who can represent the team with the public. Original Six teams have 75 plus years of players to tap into...we have less than 30, and many of our former players are still in the league. We do not have any old timers to relive the good ol' days...these are the good ol' days our children will tell their children about. As long as the Devils are winning, I can deal with a lot of the stupidity. My biggest concern with threads like this and posts like TG's is that people waited until something went wrong, then vented all of their hostility at once. If there are things people don't like, mention it to the team reps at the time don't let it fester...and things you like, tell the team about those things too. Feedback from the consumer makes their job easier. If you don't tell people you dislike something, they will assume you like it.
  4. devils/flyers fans brawl after saturday's game

    So I went to the game Saturday, and was "lucky" enough to be sitting in section 118, about two rows behind the Flyer morons. Their fans were not even watching the game, they were simply there to start trouble. I have no problem with out of town fans cheering for their team. I have spent several evenings at flyers games rooting for the other team and have even gone to the old Vet in a Cowboys jersey - and cheered for my team, but I never recall being so angry, especially when my team was winning - why were they so pissed off at a game they were winning? oh yeah, this is the 35th anniversary of their last Cup win...our banners are from this century not from the 70's. The fact that they were doing the Marty chant was fine, any goalie that gives up five goals should hear a little razzing...the problem started with yelling during the national anthem, cursing at Devils fans as they were leaving because their nights had been ruined, and then mocking our security because they didn't rise to their baiting and start a fight. I am really proud of the security guards at the Rock, this could have gotten really bad, and all the blame would have gone on Newark and the Devils fans. The problem was contained, and the animals had to turn on themselves. I guess this is why they cut the beer off in their building so early.
  5. NJDEVS 2009-2010 NHL Prediction Thread

    Art Ross Trophy Winner: Ovechkin Hart Trophy Winner: Ovechkin Norris Trophy Winner: Chara Vezina Trophy Winner: Brodeur Calder Trophy Winner: Hedman Presidents
  6. Tickets?

    I purchased the Weekend package, and had not received anything either. I had sent several emails to the Devils and finally heard back today. They informed me that they will be mailing my tickets next week...so that may apply to all of the packages.
  7. Rags on WPIX Channel 11?

    Wow...a Rangers game affliated with the #11...i wonder how many times the will associate the channel with Mark Messier? will he cry?? no channel 11 for me, i just hope i can fill the void "no Rangers" leaves in my life. oh yeah...
  8. You make the call: Is the spinarama a fair shootout move?

    i think shootouts are lame and should go...but since the league wants them they will stay. The spin move is fine, and should stay, until there is contact with the goalie prior to the shot. The move is almost unstoppable anyway, but when you hit the goalie, it removes any chance for the save.
  9. Hockeysfuture.com Organizational Rankings

    These rankings are misleading. Are we loaded with prospects that can be "the face of the league" - probably not. It's hard to land "blue chip superstars" when you make the playoffs every year. What we do have are great future Devils. We have a strong supply of pieces to fit into the machine that is Devils hockey...and that is fine with me.
  10. Just a question

    Actually, I think it only helps to show how great a goaltender coach Jacques Caron is and that to pst-Marty era might not be as miserable as it might have looked before. But Marty is still be the greatest ever. They keep changing the rules - trapezoid, smaller pads, etc. it just doesn't matter.
  11. Flyers new 3rd jersey

    The third jersey in Philly is fine, wear whatever they want, they are still the Flyers. Flyers = svck! Just another feeble attempt to relive the glory days...next they will drag out the 8-track of Kate Smith singing "God Bless America". I wonder if they fire retardant in case more "fans" bring flares.
  12. Claude Lemieux Signs with China Sharks

    the link shows that as of today - he is already leaving the Chinese league for an AHL contract.
  13. Shanny is Coming...

    oh yeah...just what the Devils need. lets spend anything we have left under the cap on a forty plus year old player that was never very fast, doesn't kill penalties and doesn't handle the puck very well and is a defensive liability. and when holik comes back, we can dump the PECO power play, and have it sponsored by the AARP. after the home and home with Washington there are four very winnable games. Tampa, Islanders and Florida twice. By then several more players will be back, at least practicing, and we can get going again
  14. Letter to Philadelphia

    sorry...meant to comment, but haven't figured everything out yet and it posted before i could comment. As a South Jersey resident, I have grown up surrounded by Philadelphia fans, who all seem to love all this attention (Who would have thought ...being a d-bag could be cool?). I seriously doubt anything will be accomplished, beyond a possible form letter from the team apologizing for your "negative experience", but not saying anything guarantees that nothing will change. I think your letter is a good idea though - defintely send it to Bettman. My first thought when I saw the smoke bomb mess was...what would have happened if they hadn't hit the ice and instead landed in the crowd?
  15. Letter to Philadelphia