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  1. Good Luck ! ! !

    From my point of view, the Sens/Devils series nearly killed me. This little old lady had her heart in her mouth as I am sure many of you did. It was a great battle. One I have not seen in many many years. And the best part of it all is that it was not dirty and there were no idiotic attempts to injure. Classy teams on both sides I say. I am sorry my team lost, but your team won it through sheer hard work and determination. But watch out next year. Our boys have learned a lesson that they have to play EVERY game. In the meantime, I am rooting for the Devils. Your team has my respect. Ge DEVILS go
  2. Good Luck ! ! !

    Loyal Sens Fan here saying I am pulling for you guys to clinch the cup this game. Bring it home to the East boys!!! GO DEVILS GO
  3. Congrats From Sens Fans

    Well guys, it was a battle well fought. Both teams deserved a win, but unfortunately, only one can go on to the final. Congratulations to the Devils on their success. Now GO GET THEM DUCKS!!!! GO DEVILS GO GO SENS GO
  4. Game Six: Devils Vs Sens

    Once the puck is in the crease, the opposing player can go into the crease. It is only called goaltender interference if the player arrives in the crease and obstructs the goalie BEFORE the puck crosses the crease line. That did not happen. clearly the puck was in the crease first and therefore Brodeur loses crease protection. Where was the defense that allowed him to stay in there unmolested. From my point of view, they messed up. Big time. And it cost the game. (Or again from my point of view, they messed up and it WON the game). I'll be there in the arena Friday night. As with all of you, I will be sitting on the edge of my seat. It has been a great series guys. May the better team win. GO SENS GO
  5. Devil Fans Behavior

  6. Devil Fans Behavior

    With all due respect Loyal Sens fan ( I genuinely dont mean this to come out harsh so please read it as that.),but what exactly did you expect people in this forum to say? What reaction were you hoping to get? I guess I was hoping for an acknowledgement that the behavior should not be tolerated anywhere. I was hoping people of all stripes would stand up and say "I will not permit it in my presence". Perhaps I hope too much. It does not happen "in every sport and in every venue all over the world" . It happens when people stand by and let it happen. The time to put a stop to this behaviour is as it starts. If you see it starting, it is time as an adult member of society to quell it. To remind the perpetrators that this is a sporting event, not a political platform. And that visitors should be afforded the same respect in the arena that you would give them at home. I know I am one of the first in my section to "talk" to fellow SENS or other fans who go over the line. I just do not understand why so many others just sit there an let it get totally out of control. We have the power to make our communities a better place. All it takes is the guts to stand up and say "This is not right". "this behaviour is unacceptable". You would be surprised at how effective those early preemptive comments can be. Whether it be in a small crowd or a big one. I guess I am just an idealist. Peace man.
  7. My Trip From Nj To Ottawa Gm 5

    I am glad you enjoyed yourself. We always enjoy seeing visitors from out of town at our arena. The love of the game is paramount, and the fact that you travelled that far to see your team shows great support. Now that you have done it once, you will find yourself saving for the next trip. And then the next one. I have been to almost every arena in the NHL and make a point of getting to at least a couple of out of town games every year. Those mini vacations are highlight reels in my life for sure. So come back any time friend. Your type of fan is appreciated no matter where you come from or who you are cheering for eh? GO SENS GO
  8. Devil Fans Behavior

    Actually, I have been to many arenas in the US. I have never had an experience like this. Perhaps its because I am an old lady, but this type of behavior does a disservice to the whole fan base. I really believe most people do not feel this way and would never act like that. I would hope, that as a fan of the game, if you notice something like this going down, you would all step in and put a stop to it. I know I would if it were occurring in my arena. Good natured teasing is always acceptable, but this stuff makes my skin crawl. For an example of what the experience should be like, see the post from the NJ fan who went to Ottawa on the weekend. I am sincerely glad he had a good time there. I know we do try to treat our guests right.
  9. Devil Fans Behavior

    How do you guys feels about this?....... This is taken from the Ottawa Citizen on May 21. This is the SECOND or maybe even THIRD series in a row where Senators fans have been accosted in the other team's arena. And it's been the same type of thing each time too: (note that I'm typing this out, not grabbing it from the website, so excuse spelling errors) --------------------------------------- DEVILS FANS 'DISGUSTED' BY OTTAWANS Four Ottawa Senators fans say they won't be heading back to the US anytime sson after they say they were verbally and physically abused at last Saturday's Senators/Devils game in New Jersey. Lee Piazza, Ted Mirsky, Brian Herman and Mike Prior, all 18 and from Ottawa, left here at 6am Saturday to travel to East Rutherford, New Jersey, to take in Game 4 of the NHL's Eastern Conference final. They were decked out in Senators and Canadian national team jerseys. Mr. Mirsky also had a Canadian flag draped over his shoulders. They say they expected some taunting from New Jersey fans, but didn't expect things would degenerate as far as they did. Mr. Piazza said as they got out of Mr. Herman's car, Devils fans yelled at them. But the taunts weren't the things one would expect at a sports event. Instead, they were political and focused on Canada's non-role in the Iraq war. People called them "f***ing communists," told them that "Canada sucks," and told them to go home, Mr. Piazza said. In the stands before the game, a few even booed the Canadian anthem. "We told one young man that he had no right to mock an entire nation and that we were here to see a game, not engage in a foreign policy debate," Mr. Piazza said. During the 1st intermission, a Devils fan grabbed a sign Mr. Piazza had and threatened to knock him out. Other told them to go home. In the washroom, people told Mr. Mirsky that they were going to burn his flag. Others told them that all Canadians are homosexuals. "By now, we were feeling uneasy and we were sticking together," Mr. Piazza said. During the 2nd intermission, things really got ugly. On the smoking patio, the men were surrounded by dozens of people yelling obscenities at them. One tried to butt his cigarette on Mr. Mirsky's flag. Some just kept screaming "SARS." They also say they were called terrorists. "They told us they were disgusted by our presence," Mr. Piazza said. "They called us pussies for not participating in the war on Iraq. All of these people were full-grown men." The situation became so intense, security guards intervened and asked people to leave them alone. Mr. Mirsky said when confronted, the group vainly tried to get their points back across at their accusers. After the game, while leaving their seats, Mr. Prior and Mr. Mirsky were physically attacked by two men. Mr.Mirsky said the men first went after Mr. Prior and he came to his friend's aid. Eventually, all four got involved before security guards pulled the melee apart. Mr. Piazza described the parking lot outside as a "battlefield." "Dozens of people threw food at us, uttered discriminatory insults, shoved us, pointed at us and laughed at us," he said. "It felt like a nightmare. The hate directed toward us was like nothing any of us had experienced before." It got so bad, six police officers eventually escorted them to their car. "I can't even imagine how some minority groups must feel (being) subjected to this kind of discrimination on a daily basis. For me, the 2003 Stanley Cup playoffs have lost their innocence." The group had plans to stay in New York City on Saturday night, but after getting into their car they wanted nothing more to do with the US and made the decision to drive back to Ottawa. Police in East Rutherford said two people were arrested at the game. Continental Airlines Arena security said there are generally a few minor incidents at Devils home games.
  10. Sens Posters

    I will be going to them all. I am a Season Ticket holder. When and if we make it to the final round, I will also hit the road and see a game or two with the Ducks or the WIld.
  11. Sens Posters

    We had cars as well for NY and Philly and then they disappeared. Politically correct b.s. when all it was was a bit of fun. What next no hitting in hockey?
  12. Sens Posters

    Plastic Monkey why so many pseudonyms. Don't you have the cajones to stick with one name everywhere? To the NJ fans...I hope you enjoy this series. I know I will. Our two teams have similar styles (at least they did at one point) and the battle should be a good one. I am really looking forward to being at the game tonight. The atmosphere at the arena is something else. On Saturday, they had two huge beer tents up in front of the arena and the bands going. You could not move in there 1 hour before the game the crowd was so thick. Tailgate parties were in full swing. People from both teams were dressed to the nines in their team colours. Needless to say, it was a sea of Red, White and Black. There was entertainment for the kids too. Face painting, make your own sign booths, puck shooting booths, goalie booths, magicians, jugglers and the like. So basically my question to you guys is....what is it like in front of the NJ arena before the games? Do they have any planned events other than the tailgate parties that everyone has? What do you do before the game to get yourselves hyped? GO SENS GO