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  1. What do you guys think about this site?

    yea but think about it for $50 it seems worth it especially since i got a place around my house that does stitching mad cheap
  2. going to retro game tonight wearing full hockey pads 2nd penguins game with pads in past week

  3. http://ecseller.com/ my friends swears by this site, but i dont know they might have minor flaws but for that price i cant see a reason not to try them out if they are legit. Also has anyone else bought from the devils shop and gotten that bull S*** fake twill iron on looking numbers and names because for the price i paid for my custom zajac atleast you can make them more legit.
  4. Help me develop a rally towel

    i like torched towel or towel of terror
  5. Why is Weekes sooo good??

    cant u sense the sarcasm
  6. Why is Weekes sooo good??

    y is he soo good i wish i could play like him.
  7. GDT - Rangers at Devils 7:00PM

    what a forehead
  8. GDT - Rangers at Devils 7:00PM

    i hate to be a little off topic but this is the first time i noticed how big Cangelossi's forehead really is
  9. GDT - Rangers at Devils 7:00PM

    maybe the devils are trying to set a record or sumthing for most penalties in one game?
  10. GDT - Rangers at Devils 7:00PM

    I rather have Clemmensen or an injured Brodeur in rather then Weekes
  11. Where Were The Refs?

    i just mean like the offsides call after then shot went in by parise wut a delayed called
  12. Where Were The Refs?

    yeah but i mean the leafs scored 3 times on pp so i am pretty sure it had sumthing to do with it but i will say the devils suck at getting the puck out
  13. Where Were The Refs?

    Was i the only one thinking that the refs were calling a one sided game in favor of the Leafs i was in sec. 4 row 1 and i saw it all man it was bull how many calls they missed and how many called where on the devils and then the leafs were not getting any on them such bull s*** u kno wut i mean like last week when i forget who but got the goalie interferance and i am pretty sure he was standing next to the goalie so it seems that refs just dont like the devils. what do u guys think?
  14. Whos Going to the game on Wed.

    So who else is going to this game??
  15. Crowd for Dallas game

    i am proud to say this was me at the game someone told me it was on the site so i was like sweet Avery is a f@g! and yes he does in fact suck the big one the funniest part was i got some lady at the gift shop to help re-tape it for me