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  1. Revitalization Around The Rock

    To be fair Sammy, I couldn't find pics on their website so I was hoping for a link as well.
  2. N.J. considers ticket fee in Izod-Prudential Center deal

    Personally I think the whole thing makes me sick, I can't stand Ratner and I can stand the Izod even less.
  3. I think there are a few things going on at the same time here. First, no one know for sure what is happening with Atlantic Yards, Ratner is beyond desperate to get Brooklyn build with that much invested in it and a loose everything scenario if he doesn't move the nets. I like popping onto the atlantic yards report and following it all there, it's a rather interesting perspective on things. The irony of all this is that Ratner is similar to developers that we have seen in Newark, nothing gets done without lots of our tax dollars. Second is the competition for North Jersey's arena market which is something both the NJSEA and Vanderbeak want to get under control. The thought process from the Devils is that over time people would rather be at the more modern arena when pricing is taken out of equation. I a can assure you the real fights will start when the NJSEA tries to "modernize or update" the IZOD and throw more of our tax dollars into the dump. As for Bergen County Pols, yes both they and the state overlook the huge losses that are caused by the NJSEA but in the end they are treated like a subsidy which is what Politicians love to do. There is and has been a bias against Newark for quite sometime and it's unfortunately rather shortsighted, people in the burbs think they can just cut Newark off and forget it's a decent junk of NJs population. Any shutting down of the IZOD would have to result in another boondogle project to appease power hungry politicians in North Jersey. The ont good part of all this is the Devils feel they have now properly restructured their management to cut out problems they had had while AEG was running everything. I still stand by the opinion (however biased it is) that the staff at the Pru is infinitely better than anything I deal with at the Meadowlands (who's employees reak of government entitlement jobs, IMO).
  4. The guys I talk with at the Pru seem to indicate they aren't going to loose the events that have already been going to the Pru. Most of this arrangement is to avoid having promoters use one arena against another to bargain down the price. If you have to book through one company, there is no playing one off the other to lower the cost of using the facility. Long term the hope is the Izod is closed but the politicos have to figure how to make the bergen, passaic and hudson county exec happy with some sort of compromise.
  5. What are the odds?

    I have just come to accept that I am a spoiled fan that expects a winning season in which we compete to be the best in the division every year. I still remember in 95 not being given a shot against Detroit and that seems to the way the outside world views the organization. I am perfectly fine with a workman like attitude that the org takes and the "everyone is replaceable" approach Lou has created. I am proud to say that this is "Jerseys Team" and as a Newark resident very proud to call this team my hometown team. Oh and I forgot, I also love being able to tell Ranger fans they suck =-)
  6. Nicklas Bergfors is AWESOME

    I think everyone can agree that the "kids" have been a pleasant surprise and certainly change the long term perspective of the devils. I don't know if it's the change in coaches or just the injuries but it seems like all the rooks are getting a fair shake and long term that helps Lou. Overall it really improves contract negotiations when you have chips in the farm system to work with.
  7. Food around the Rock

    I was disappointed to see Chico staid in the arena for Friday's game, did he go out anywhere for the segment last night? I was stuck at a company party and only got highlights, so I missed a lot of fun.
  8. Revitalization Around The Rock

    On the positive side to the gloom and doom the various different foreclosures and property swaps are driving down prices for a lot of things including bars. I noticed that Guitar bar was put up for sale (that puts it at about 10 different bars I know of in the Ironbound or Downtown for sale). This drop in price should open up to new enthusiastic owners so I am looking forward to that. This is a sort of natural cycle so Im fine with it, it allows for places like Hells Kitchen to exist.
  9. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Look at the bright side, Newark is great for stuffing our faces. I got to bring distance relatives as well as a guy from brazil out to Fernandez on Friday and that worked out terrific. Even the Brazilian guy couldn't believe it.
  10. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Commercial Real Estate is a tricky game and typically gets treated like an asset class in ones 401k portfolio. Newark was unique in that alot of key properties were owned by a few individuals even prior to Cogswell coming in (he bought the Chambers portfolio- I think it was called the new newark foundation). Right now it's going to take owners that actualy are willing to take the risk in the properties (like a Stern or Hanini) and a bank or Investor willing to back them. Once that is paired up you would need the subsidies to do a high profile project (ie Large project almost immediately require union workers which in tern requires tax credits, infastructure pledges ect to make it work). I would be surprised to see anything start in 2010 but 2011 should see the start of Dranoffs project, The hotel and even Seton Hall. Right now the large banks that can actually finance these projects and turn them into securities are building up war chest in their loan loss reserves. In the near future they will be forced to put that back into income and therefore reinvest it. As for the pace of everything else, It's going to take micro retailers that make the area trenady first. Once that retail is self sustaining you will see the ability of a big box store to come in and make it work.
  11. Revitalization Around The Rock

    I already jumped in on quade's list but block is being bitter about the whole Cogswell thing. The article is a bit misleading in the buildings in question. I had to read it 5 times but if I'm correct this merely a dispute in regard to an advance taken to complete an acquisition of parcels (either the theater building between beaver and broad on market or the first two buildings on market when walking from mulberry to broad. As I posed in the WiredNewYork forum, this is the result of developers grabbing everything they could and now having to reduce inventory during a recession. Ultimately either lots will be sold or developed as long as the numbers make sense. Right now, the asking price for the retail is two high and that is causing pause for people to come in and pay for a whole build out. That being said, every day that Brick City does well justifies someone will capital to invest in a project either on Edison or on Market.
  12. Patrik Elias should be your favourite player

    I don't think it's even worth bringing Parise into the conversation till he has been here longer. Right now Marty and Patrick are special because the length of time they have been here and their production. Quite frankly Elias handled the loosing of his captaincy quite well and imo seems to really cherish his position in the franchise. There did seem to be some irony on his setting his record on Marty's night ( I freaking love that he came out in the Saint Pats cap ). I often wonder if Elias will always go down as a player that was a bit under appreciated because he was always there.
  13. Three Things We No Longer Have To Worry About

    I think what is most encouraging is what I see in the younger players the devils have and the mixed blessing the injuries have provided. If nothing else, the devs now have trade bait from Lowell and have proven that they dont' really need a pandalfo and don't have to chase a contract on Martin (I may like him but we never overpay). I can't speak for anyone else but I had been concerned about how old the devs were getting so all the production thats gotten from the rooks is great for me.
  14. Hey I will take the greatest goalie of all time (yes I know arguably for the contrarians) as one of our own.
  15. Revitalization Around The Rock

    I think the extra space is both inside and outside the arena will develop depending on what the market calls for. Right now without an NBA team and fewer dates they may just be waiting to see what the market calls for. I think that if Tucker moves at a decent pace with the hotel that you will see a larger push for the retail in that area and finally a restaurant in the front area. Personally I am just waiting to see what happens with the state's budget because the city uses 40 mil from the state to plug the budget and it's rather hard to do projects like triangle park when there is no money.