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  1. Bahaha bitches they don't even do it anymore I don't think
  2. Canucks eatin mah ballz
  3. More comments: go canuck yoursef, that is the best comment i have read in a loooong time lmao. fvckin hilarious. ya, so just to reiterate what most have already said: newark is an overpopulated, polluted sh!thole of America, and your fanbase (or lack thereof) is pathetic. i'd rather wait another 100 years to win a cup here in vancouver than ever set foot in that god forsaken place you call home. enjoy living on welfare and dying a premature death in that lovely city of yours. Anybody want to head up there and invade those bastards?
  4. Check this sh!t out on the comments: "the 7th man is sooper lame. but I would rather have 7th man tattood on my dick using shards of broken glass dipped in ink and iodine than ever in my life have to say that I live in the bloated sh*#hole of New Jersey. For Christ sakes, people from Ohio make fun of Jersey, it's like New York got drunk, fell over, smashed its head, puked, sh!t its pants and passed out and the next morning it had all manifested into newark. You might have a couple of cups, but at least when we win ours it wont get stolen and pawned off for fake tan bronzing cream." fvck Vancouver
  5. Canucks suck mah balls.
  6. From their comments: "Screw the devils. devils are bitches. gay expansion team. cant win anything without your goalie you guys suck and your lousy fans anyway never sell out the arena even when you wincups" Where did Canada rank in the the last world literacy survey? I think it was somewhere between Afghanistan and Yemen.
  7. Bloody Alexander Daigle wouldn't go there as a Free Agent.
  9. Lou is a GENIUS
  10. Definitely time. Put your chin strap on Dino!
  11. Poor babies. Maybe they shouldn't have retarded douchebag ripoff ceremonies. Beeyatch!