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  1. Anyone go to games alone?

    I've gone alone when my boyfriend bailed on me to go to a Rags game (gag) I just butted into conversations around me hehe It may also help that i'm a young female though with people feeling bad and talking to me idk. I had a blast that game, and no annoying Rangers fan bf (who has devils season tickets...long story) to not cheer when the devils score.

    Provided the Devs take this loss and use their anger to their advantage we have it in 6. Hopefully rather then using their anger and taking bad penalties and being careless, they will play a clean smart game in games 5 and 6 and move on to round 2.
  3. question!

    Last year I did this to go to the last rangers devils game of the season and got there at 7am, the last wristband went to someone who got there around 8. That was also the last game, and home ice playoff deciding so it may not be so bad, but id reccomend no later then like 10am is. Not for a rangers devils game.
  4. Current Devils All-Star Vote Totals

    No one HAS to make it, but Parise DESERVES to make it whether he does or not. If he keeps going like this, (though he seems like hes getting frustrated at times. Like the empty net miss the other night) he may very well hit 50 goals 100 points.
  5. What to do with Jamie Langenbrunner?

    I vote this 1!! Though lets not report him missing for a few days, I use to like him and supported him early this season with the first few mistakes and told everyone "they happen" but they shouldn't happen 90 times!! I counted tonight. I was at the game trying not to kill the fat gross rangers girl infront of me, so I counted how many bad passes he made/how many he missed and I was at 9 when I left. I only started counting in the 2nd..... Its a little pathetic. I voted we should trade him. Benching him/taking his c away etc isn't going to make him stop taking stupid penalties or missing passes. He has been playing lately like he is some sort of rookie. I understand the devils situation is stressful (so bad PARISE took a penalty tonight and was kind of the cause of the first fight) but Langenbrunner is doing nothing to help and many things to hurt them. Ok. he scored. If he hadn't messed up on the 9 passes tonight someone else may have had a chance to also! All I know is Sutter may be in love with him but atleast bench him to show him it isn't ok to play like a retard. As for Parise, when his contract is up hes an RFA. We'll pay him enough when the time comes. Probably give him the C by then too if he keeps playing this way. Plus this is a few bad games, it's still early in the season, I think we'll have to do alot worse then this to fully scare him away lol, plus next year we face losing alot of players to ufa. Hopefully Gionta will go thatll clear up 4mil cap space etc
  6. Pissed off Devils fan

    I think we are all pissed because they could be doing so much more! but becoming a Rangers fan is rash lol
  7. Sign Parise to Long Term Deal

    Brodeur said his favorite stadium to play at is MSG, and I dont think well live to see a day Brodeur puts on a Rangers jersey. it IS the most famous arena in the world and being in nyc the rangers have a huge fan base I agree we need to sign him when the time comes, if we don't were morons, though for all we know he could pull a Gionta, a few amazing seasons then nothing. (Obviously I Love him hence my username so I sure hope thats not what happens) I think about 6-7mil a season at his current skill level, and the C when langenbrunners up will keep him on the devils
  8. MARTIN put on IR

    It is an upper back injury http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3694576
  9. Sutter's Confused

    THANK YOU!!!!! I thought I was the only one who sees that. Most people usually disagree with me. We DO have a more offensive team......playing DEFENSIVE hockey!! The way we played the Oilers yesterday in the last minute power play we managed to 4 on 5 get the puck not only out of our zone but into theirs BECAUSE WE PLAYED OFFENSIVE HOCKEY. Maybe the reason we are having problems scoring (with the exception of Parise) is because we spend soo much time doing nothing. God we don't even skate into the zone with the puck, we dump it like 95% of the time and go after it, yet like you said because there is no chemistry with the ever changing lines, no one is where they are supposed to be, so half the time the other team regains control. We really need to keep atleast one line consistant, give them some sort of a chance, I know its hard since we have so many injuries but we aren't going to win games if the players don't know what to expect from each other. We can't even PASS well anymore! Langenbrunner needs to be stripped of his C. Give it back to Elias, or god even to Parise since he's the only one who seems to be able to do anything! Langenbrunner gives up soo many pucks, misses so many passes, and doesn't DO anything...oh...wait.. he can take STUPID hooking penalties every game because he can't keep up with the younger faster players. Yet somehow he gets soo much ice time! As for Parise, we really need to be using him more, We have one of the worst penalty kills in the league, Parise is an amazing puck handler, he fights for the puck, he actually does something with it...so why is he not on the PK? I know we need him for offensive plays so he needs to be rested but honestly it doesn't matter if we keep letting in power play goals, how many goals Parise scores (especially not when the rest of the team can't score) We really need a coach who doesn't play favorites first off, knows what the word "consistancy" means and maybe idk smiles or something when the team does something right. amen to that!