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  1. GDT: 2/19/09. New Jersey @ Tampa Bay 7:30 PM.

    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of the team is at least feeling under the weather. Stuff spreads fast on a team you spend a lot of time with, especially now that they're on the road. If that is the case, they just gotta make it through the Isles game and then they have some recovery time.
  2. Brodeur takes next step, ready for full practice

    His injury has proven many things, including the fact that this team is deeper than just one player and that we will survive after he decides to hang 'em up, but man it's going to feel so good to have him back between the pipes. Maybe I'll be able to stop compulsively biting my fingernails when we're up by a single goal.
  3. GDT: NYR @ New Jersey 2/9/09. 7:00 PM

    Good for clemmer to actually get a shutout, especially against the rags. He played great, deserved this one for sure in my opinion.
  4. GDT: NYR @ New Jersey 2/9/09. 7:00 PM

    and parise puts it away, I hope.
  5. GDT: NYR @ New Jersey 2/9/09. 7:00 PM

    Parise is a god.
  6. GDT: NYR @ New Jersey 2/9/09. 7:00 PM

    Hard work and a good bounce pay off, awwww yeah Holik. Now we need another on the pp.
  7. Devils trade Brookbank to Anaheim for McIntyre

    Too bad he plays for Colgate, their team is pretty abysmal. They're 7-14-5 now overall and an even worse 2-9-3 in ECAC play. That said, some ECAC teams do have some good hockey players, but as a Cornell student, I might be a little biased on that front Ben Scrivens, our goalie, is a champ though. He's rocking a .957 SV% and a 1.26 GAA, best in the conference. But since this isn't a threat about ECAC hockey, this was more than I ever dreamed we might get for Brookbank, and I wish him the best, especially since this puts Salmela that much closer to playing.
  8. The Official Bobby Holik Adds Toughness Thread

    I have the image of Letang hobbling off the ice after Holik just railed him a couple times in a game against the Pens earlier this season. Is he perfect? No. Does he take too many penalties? Probably. Has he helped this team more than he hurt it? In my opinion, yes.
  9. CMON Lou!!

    I agree completely. Mike Mottau isn't great, lord knows, but he's not bad and he doesn't make glaring mistakes like Greene does on a seemingly regular basis. I certainly wouldn't want to play Mottau for the kind of minutes Martin eats, but he does a pretty good job for what's expected of him. He's not the best d-man out there, but he plays pretty smart hockey. Greene is a completely different story. Just thinking about him causes 2 or 3 vivid memories of his screw-ups to come to mind. If I'm going to have a defensive liability on the blue line, at least give me Salmela and his monster shot.
  10. GDT: 1/27/09. New Jersey @ Ottawa 7:30 PM ET

    Yeah I was disappointed with how Madden had been playing for much of the season so far, but recently he's definitely picked it up, made some big plays on that kill and looked good elsewhere.
  11. Would you go to a rangers game if given a free ticket?

    Of course, I've done it before and I'd do it again. I just root for the other team. Now if they're playing someone like Philly for example, then it's a little trickier.
  12. GDT: 1/19/09 - 8:00 PM ET-New Jersey @ Nashville

    Ok, I dunno how many of you are watching the nashville feed and just saw that commercial for that foundation, but the devils NEED to have a disco night fundraiser for something. I don't care what it's for, but I WANT ONE.
  13. GDT: 1/19/09 - 8:00 PM ET-New Jersey @ Nashville

    I'm using atdhe.net too, but damn this nashville feed.
  14. GDT: 1/19/09 - 8:00 PM ET-New Jersey @ Nashville

    Story of Clemmer's season.
  15. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Tampa Bay Lightning

    Seriously, Clemmer sold his soul for this. He must have. He has been playing like a real, honest-to-god, NHL goalie these last couple games. And of course, as I type this, the Lightning score.