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  1. Did anyone see Elias' disallowed goal?

    saw it on TV. that call could have gone either way. i think had his stick started out just a little lower, they would not have reversed it
  2. Philly Phanatic's head is missing

    I still want to know how they got it out of the ballpark!!!! INSIDE JOB??? hmmmm
  3. What a disgrace

    settle down sparky. it's called a slump. sometimes even the garbage teams have to win a game. we'll be fine
  4. What's your party affiliation?

    I'm surprised at the number of Republicans (I'm one). everyone I talk to be it at work, with friends etc, seems like a democrat
  5. Philly Phanatic's head is missing

    actually, doesnt Penn State have a campus in Abington? sukks about the phanatics head. hope he has some extras. I just want to know how you walk out of the ballpark with that thing???? it's pretty big and it's GREEN!! surely someone would have noticed it
  6. Worst Case 'Brodeur Act' Scenarios

    friggin aaayyyy!! fans have been complaining about that for years. if you make the goalies fair game, only the good ones will try that stuff. the strategy of the game changes as a result.

    parade route looks just fine to me hahaha. where do I sign up? can you guys imagine actually having a parade? how freakin awesome would that be??

    they do love their Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings games dont they?? that's all you ever see
  9. WFAN

    you're spoiling all the fun derek

    Now it's officially a done deal. this is exciting!! Getting to a game will be so much easier for hockey fans as far south as Trenton and even in NYC. Newark is the right move for all involved. The public transportation alone makes it worth it in my mind. Not to mention, an actual street to hold the victory parade We can all rest easy and continue to wear the NJ logo proudly

    how did that happen???? NJ/NYR even in the worst of times is more intrigiung than San Jose and anyone.
  12. WFAN

    absolutely hate the man. cant listen to him for more than minute on any topic
  13. Roy whines about state of game

    I totally agree about the pads. I dont understand why he felt the need to take a shot at the Devils. And I'm shaking my head at this quote: huhhh???? What past is he talking about???? Is he talking about before he was playing? Why the heck even say something so obvious that it's stupid
  14. Are there really offers on thetable for Jiggy?

    the offers for JSG are the same rumors flying around about Burke I think
  15. Attendance for the Devils since the beginning?

    you'd be comparing apples and oranges. today;s NHL is much different than it was in the 80's . Operating costs have probably skyrocketed.