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  1. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    Welcome home Kovy! I just saw this info on TSN and had to come over to celebrate w/ my fellow Devils fans. I am anxious to see what Lou has up his sleeve in terms of the contract. Holly
  2. Hi everyone, I have read for a while now and just never posted. But I went to the game last Wed night vs Tampa and I got some nice photos that I thought you folks would appreciate. We got to the arena in plenty of time for the warmups. My favorite non-Devil is Vinny Lecavalier so most of the warmup photos I took were of him. How much does Parise rule? He is everything a Devil should be. But I am biased, he is my favorite player. I think this one is funny, Sutter looks like he is glaring at Mike Rupp. Based on the way Rupp handles the puck (or doesn't!) it would not surprise me: Pandolfo and Madden in a race with Vinny4: Langenbrunner doesn't seem right; either not 100% healthy or just losing a step. Hopefully he picks it up soon. Parise drew the tough assignment for much of the game - he had to line up with Artyukhin. This guy is giant. They list him as 6'5 and 254lbs. Nice to 'meet' all of you, I really enjoy reading everyone's posts. Enjoy, Holly