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  1. Petr Sykora?

    yeah, would be nostalgic to see 2/3 of the A line playing...but if all the things about Sykora are true we are better off w/o him. i hate being in Center limbo.
  2. Kaberle

    we have 2 offensive D's in Oduya and Martin...(eh, Mattau as well...kinda) so to give up a top 6 forward from an already offensively bleeding team makes NO sense at all.

    Morrison wont help the team, he can barely put up 20 goals...and that was a few seasons ago. i'd rather give someone in the system a shot at the bigs. but there are other trades to be done i think. doesnt have to come from the free agent pool.
  4. Brian Burke rips Heatley

    DYBLL do your business like Lou.
  5. Preparing for the Worst

    give the head coach position to MacLean...he's earned it! I like Sutter, but don't take the job if you dont know what your getting into. We could have had some great stability with him behind the bench, but the guy is home sick. Need a little foresight there Brent!

    yeah, while im a huge fan of Madden, im curious how much he left in the tank. He doesn't look to have that jump in his step that gave him all those break aways in the past. i still think he can be an effective 3rd line center with a couple of feisty young wingers...
  7. No Respect

    yeah, well I can kinda agree with Barry a touch. The arena is very nice, everything coast a million bucks but its nice. Newark...hm, not so much... I've lived in 3 of the 5 boroughs in NYC and I am used to the grit and general atmosphere of city living...and Newark, well, even makes me feel skeevey. There really isn't anything "good" around the arena, no great city bars or restaurants around that makes you want to stick around. Just some new trees along some some new roads with some new parking garages...yay! The only redeeming value Newark has is its crown jewel nestled in a corner of Newark Penn station...the Blue Comet bar. A non-discript upper-echelon bar, its the place where you and your 5-toothed, mullet clad, possibly homeless friends can order a $6 12 oz. Molson XXX and pass out in the corner without getting too much of a hassle until of course its time for karaoke.
  8. Who is your Favorite former NJ Devil?

    McKay...best handle bar mustache EVER! oh and his leadership, grit, determination, skill and demeanor are all close 2nds. btw, shouldnt your sig say: "Playoff Mottau" ??
  9. Playoff Beards

    my playoff beard stays on all year long...i mean you gotta keep the mindset the whole season!
  10. Popeyes in Newark

    shizz, id be cooking my own chicken if we could still tailgate! gone are the days of roller hockey, grillin' and beer in the parking lot before the games...now we have to spend $500 for fries and a few beers.
  11. Gomez future to be determined..

    gotta get Rolston a great setup man. Hes got his shot, but the puck needs to get to him better. Gomez, while an attractive option for Rolston - good riddance, you want the lights and crowds? go for it bro, just dont bother looking back once its not as good as it seemed. How can we get Arnott back? Of course I think we've been saying that for the last 7 years!
  12. The Official Clarkson Wraparound Attempt Count Thread

    get down on Clarkson if you must, but the guy keeps it in the zone and keeps the puck along the offensive boards like no other devil right now. He's got grit and the guy can play the close quarter game with the best of the best... love the "wrap-around" thread he loves 'em and i'm always looking for them when he has the puck behind the net!
  13. Looking for 4 tickets to the Philly @ Dev's game on March 1st. Pref $50 and lower, although please let me know what you have. THanks a ton!!!! biggiepat@soundlounge.com ref's: heatware - trajik78 eBay - trajik78
  14. What Devils gifts did Santa bring YOU

    got a Devs home Parise jersey from my wife. i really wanted a jersey but maybe not Parise. I'm not a member of the "Zack attack squad." i mean i like him and he's a giant player for us...just would have rather had someone I REALLY liked...McKay, Neidermayer, Stevens, Brodeur, Arnott...pretty much any other devil.
  15. Weekesy or Clemmer?

    either way, expect 3 goals allowed. i like both guys, and i really would like to see Weekes step it up and get back into form that would prove him to have what it takes to take us into the playoffs.