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  1. Good News Devils Fans (?)


    Larry Brooks should mind his business and stick to covering the Rangers. They have enough problems he could write about. The Devils get no justice on the post. I don't take any Post articles on them seriously.
  3. Gomez future to be determined..

    Big market hockey. It's what ruined the NHL aand caused us to have this salary cap. If there were harsher restrictions on the big market tams like the Rangers, Flyers, Red Wings, and Leafs, who constantly dominate the FA market year in and out, trowing ridiculous contracts at players like the Gomez and Drury one, I bet it wouldo do wonders for the league in many ways. Just MHO.
  4. Does Parise, Langs, and Martin join Team USA now?

    Think Erik Johnson on the Blues has a shot? I think he'd be a good young boost on defense, a replacement for Chelios. Who do you think will be captain this year?
  5. Contract Status

    Realistically, I can see Lou bringing back Zajac, Odyua, and Greene. Gio and Madden may come back, unless they go elsewhere for more money and better opportunity. I can see Madde going back to Michigan and play in Detroit or play for a team like Minnesota, who plays the defensive type of game Madden flourished under when the Devils played it. Gionta I can see either going out west to a team like Anaheim, San Jose, Phoenix, or going to Buffalo. Hell, maybe even the Rangers will throw him a deal like 7 yrs/$50 million As far as additions go, I can see us bringing Petr Sykora back, and Lou signing a dman lke Marc-Andre Bergeron, who has been mentioned here a few times. He's young, big, and puts up good numbers for a dman. Also, look on the team he played on this year. Impressive. Assuming 1 or 2 rookies crack the lineup, it may look something like this next year... Elias-Rolston-Sykora Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner Halischuk-Zubust-Clarkson Pando-Vrana-Bergfors Bergeron-Martin Odyua-White Salvador-Mottau/Corrente/Greene Cosa pensate?
  6. free agents

    As realistically speaking as possible, I can see Lou doing something like this next year... Guys like Shanny, Holik, Havelid, and Rupp will either retire or find employment elsewhere. (Im hoping Holik retires and gets a job with Danno in the announcement booth lol). Gionta and Madden will either be let go or leave for more money. It wouldn't surprise me if Lou re-signs at least one of them, but let's assume the only people he brings back from this year's teama re Zajac, Odyua, and Greene... I can see him bringing back Petr Sykora and going after a dman like Marc-Andre Bergeron from Minnesota. He's 28, has some size, and has a cannon of a shot. He put up 14 goals and 32 points this year, 7 of which were powerplay goals. Along with any youngsters that make the team, in the unlikely event, I can see our lineup looking something like this next year... Elias-Rolston-Sykora Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner Bergfors-Vrana-Clarkson Halischuk-Zubust-Pando Bergeron-Martin White-Odyua Salvador-Corrente/Mottau/Greene Marty Clemmer (assuming he stays for whatever reason. Marty can't play 70 games anymore, so it'd make sense) Not exactly a super lineup, but we'd get younger.
  7. Contract Status

    The only people I say we bring back are Odyua, Zajac, and Greene. Everyone else can go. IMO, I think Greene has some potential in him. Trade Pando too.
  8. The official fire sutter, trade marty, gut the team, execute lou threa

    This is a great way to vent out your anger, I guess. Changes have to be made, although I hate to point out the obvious. Realistically, what do you all think needs to/should be done?
  9. great star ledger article

  10. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    Think they get the games in the trailer parks, or do you think they just gather and tune in on the radio?
  11. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    This team is too old and has a no name defense. Marty aint the same anymore. This team needs changs this summer pronto! We need young guys in the lineup. No more Holik, no more Shanny, no more Madden, no more Pando, no more Gionta, no more Havelid! No more being on Lou and Marty's nuts! Lou better get out of his shell this summer and actually do what's necessary to make this team better! He won't though...he never does.
  12. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    Well, let's look onto the summer now. So, who do you all think is coming back/going? What moves do you think Lou won't make?
  13. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    I wonder how they celebrate in Carolina. Do you think they get the wife/sister couples together and pass the jug around the campfire in the junkyard, or do you think the go classy and go to Denny's?
  14. The Canes are on fire, and the Devils should have expected them to play with such electrifying intensity. We're barely keeping up with the Canes, and the Carolina fan bandwagon is going crazy. We gotta get some shots and test Ward ASAP before the Canes run away with this.