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  1. Tribute to Burns

    I read a post regarding Pat Burns on this site. The Devils need to go 1 step further and give Pat the tribute he deserves by placing a salute to him in the rafters of the building along side Danyko and Stevens. This should be done ASAP.

    The only coach I could see Lou liking better was Pat Burns another Lou type of Guy. Burns got alot out of that team it was a shame he took ill coaching one of the most elite teams hockey had ever seen.
  3. GDT - Devils at Maple Leafs 7:00 PM on MSG+, TSN.

    Damn they pissed me off. How many times can you have open space and blow the shot. Secondly. they are back to playing along the boards again putting shots on net and not having anyone around to pick up any rebounds or driving the net. We looked like the Rags did on Friday night. True we went are 9 out of 11 but something has to be done, there are many guys that can both attack and shoot, the system needs work. Johnny Mac has to go, he can take Madden and Pando with him.
  4. Why is Weekes sooo good??

    Go to the Devils official website and open out the game stats. You will see something on the sabres goals Sutter mixed the lines and sh!t happens. I check these game to game and you will notice a consistent pattern on each opponent goal 5,20,11 not all the time but its enough. We got careless in front of Weekes yet he did not help matters any. Regroup and get back to business Toronto is fast young and aggressive, we are older, a lot older and smarter.
  5. GDT: Rangers @ Devils - 7PM

    To give up 5 to these d bags not good. The officiating inconsistent at best at least the ice ref called no goall but Toronto prevailed. Goal 1- score it to Toronto even from sec 131 we could tell it was a kick in Goal 2-3 Devils went on Vacation 2 should have never happened and 3 Our D should have put Gomez's helmet up his ass Goal 4-5 Extend vacation. The fights verrrrrrrY interesting . Zherdev crawling on all fours after a hit; priceless Dissapointments: Parise's blown break away : Zubrus's shot point plank Here's the best Gomez challenging Zuburus to a fight. What was this character thinking? Only goes to show he isn't too bright. Came should have been 10-2 easy Raggot defense was out for a walk in the park. Learning that Trautwig played off the Devils resilence Elias laughing in his face.
  6. Heart of the team

    Truth be said. Sutter has finally figured it out, Parise is on teams worry about him scoring, now they have to worry abouit the Elias line. Sutter is giving them plenty of ice time. Soon the Rolston line will click and its 2000/2003 all over again. I would love to place an 09 after the I in my screen name. Rangers in a free fall? They have all the health and are losing sound good to me? Maybe some key players to be dealt to make room in the the cap.
  7. Revitalization Around The Rock

    So that is where all the Rags and Flyer fans do their drinking. :dance: and circle jerking. [
  8. F*ck Al Trautwig

    Sheeet, I though I was the only one who remembered that jerk commercial. Now that you mentioned it I can still see him dancing in those jeans. BTW he still has that 1979 haircut and the John Travolta Saturday Night Fever wardrobe. Maybe he has threesomes with Trautwig and Avery throw in Lundquist to boot
  9. F*ck Al Trautwig

    I know we all hate Trautwig he really is a just a big jerk. You also forget Rosen and Micholetti as well. Chico and Doc are the most unbiased announcers in hockey. Doc is the best, period. Many games I have listened to Chico and Doc commets about how good players from other teams are et Carter, Richards, Price, Queenie Lundquist, Crosby, Satan etc you get my message. Some of you may criticize Chico but he adds a certain dimension to the game almost like he is talking to the fans one on one. Yet never once will you hear any of the other douche bags comment on how good Parise and Patty are in the clutch or what a great game Marty played. Dugay is an idiot, and Trautwig I'd like to see Dano smack him right on that bald head. You have forgotten Fishler another MSG ass wipe picks his words carefully especially against the Rags. Hey they pay his salary.
  10. Letter to Philadelphia

    Your experience reminded me of the incident my daughter and friend had with a raggot fan and a group of raggot girls at game 2 of the playoffs at home in sec 133. After parise lost his teeth and the rags winning some bone smoker stood up and began harassing my daughter lifted up his shirt. my daughter didn't take it too lightly and let him haveholy hell, rag fan#1 thrown out and arrested. A group of girls started and again my kid didn't back down next group of rags out in the street. A rags fan is just as bad as a fellatio flyer fan. Goes to show the Devils have classier fans & better security
  11. Devils send Salmela down, recall Leach

    I agree fully agree with posters who feel that Samela is sent down to keep him on the ice. With the return of Rolston Anssi's role will be limited at best playing few minutes and you can see concern that his skills will diminish. On the other hand he will return. Sutter likes the kid and he has shown that he will be a solid member of the Devils team once the cobwebs get shaken out. It would be great to have some additional bodies that can fire the puck as your point man and he sems to like either side on the pp. Screw the raggots and their a$$hole fans.
  12. Interesting Comments from TG

    Basically watched only the third period and caught that debacle of using Brookbank in place of Zubrus. Two clean shots in front of the net and Brookbank screws the pooch. Put someone with a one timer. Finally how can you pull your keeper, blow the ensuing faceoff in your offensive zone then allow that whiner get an open net goal. Soon as I saw Clemmer was pulled I thought they will give up an empty netter, the Devils are good at that.
  13. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburgh Penguins

    Ah, Ovechkin, this guy is fun to watch he can take a hit as well as give one and I have never seen him cry or complain. Like our Zach. Seems like our guys are gun shy of the referees, screw the zebras and the NHL's showcase players, dish out a little beating to these fags(crosby, malkin, dubinski, queen lundquist...).
  14. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburgh Penguins

    We all can rant about the horsesh!t that goes on. The Pissguins and the Raggots will continue to get away with plenty of crap. Langs coming to Zach's defense great I know the league has changed but if you are going to take a penalty then make it worth it. The whining ass Crosby is the new Gretzky, cry and whine and you get what you want. Next time this little fruitcake(read jerk) comes down the ice unmolested slam his ass into the next decade. Devils defenders need to be more physical but we are the Devils so much as fart near a Rag or Pen and you get penalized. Next a little harassment of the goalie is helpful.
  15. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburgh Penguins

    Defense looked like horse droppings, they let the two butt bumpers run all through them. Regarding Clemmensen goals 1 and 3 should have never gotten off in the first place. Careless idiotic errors. The power play is piss poor even though Salmela had the best scoring chances. Shxt this kid has it blistering shot, one timers skill. The team is learning to play without Marty, once he gets back the rest of the league better watch out. There is going to be one hell of a team out there and its from NJ.