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    the rangers.. SUCK <br />walking our boston terrier, remodeling the house, going to movies, snowboarding, watching tv, etc.. anything fun
  1. it is OVER.. what BS - never getting Verizon LOL LOL
  2. i'd love that too.. where would you get a copy of that.. i'd buy one from ya! LOL
  3. i agree and hope so too!!
  4. called.. NO 16x20's - they said they didnt sell that well.. so only 8x10's, pucks and helmets
  5. yeah, thats her... really? wow.. how do you know?
  6. are we staled?
  7. it was a great event and the line was pretty smooth.. just curious if anyone knows who that girl was sitting with him.. girlfriend?
  8. what are the dimensions you have in mind? and one color? multi? how about the shroud of destiny or destiny shroud? with a picture of the "jersey devil" - i think that would be awesome! bringing back the origin i have the perfect image and idea in my head.. i can send you a layout if you like? i have some time that i can contribute to design, even if you dont choose my idea i was curious if you would print these phrases on the towel, or is this what you would call them and put something else on them? that is what i was thinking, call them any name we are throwing out there and put an image on it.. which i also have ideas for. other names i thought of: red death leeds rag (kind of gross if defined - lol) raging rag rally rag red rag blood rag flag of fire ideas i liked from previous post The Torched Towel (my favorite one) The Forsaken Flag (2nd favorite) The Rockin' Rag (play on words using arena name) The Brutal Banner The Fire n' Ice Flag The Inferno Flag let me know your thoughts, working on images now
  9. yeah same with my friend & i.. i even made my picks for that day and THEN got an email saying i had a scratch off.. this really is disappointing, not going to win anything
  10. great job.. thanks for the correct updated info! just sux it too far for me
  11. HAHAHAHAHA - what a dummy - that girl was like - and you were like but seriously, nice attempt at dragging the information from the uninformed.. how can you host something and not have any idea how to advertise it or what to tell your employees what to do when someone calls.. stupidity OH YEAH! and see you on the 2nd
  12. yeah there was a flyer about this meet at the alumni game i went to this past weekend.. but there wasnt any $$ info.. hardly any info really
  13. hahahaha.. what BS - i guess i'm not going to win anything now.. after hearing you all - damnit! LOL OH YEAH!
  14. they must have slipped up, because it was 16-4, i remember specifically.. i had told my friend the score would be 18-2 LOL so it was close.. and it was awesome watching chico.. he's still fast and even got a little bored, came out of net to half ice to play some offense and a defensive player fell back to net - that was one of their goals. it was a fun game.. no commericals, no zamboni, nothing but hockey
  15. hey LivingThread - i wrote you a message... would you rather me post in here? did you not get it? let me know... thanks