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  1. Have a happy birthday!

  2. Roll Call for Tuesday

    section 22, as usual
  3. GDT: New Jersey @ NY Rangers 7:30 PM.

    Sure, the Devils won 4-2. Sure the Queen looks less than human! Sure, we are 4 pts behind with 4 games in hand. Sure, it's the 2nd game in a row that we be the Rags. Sure, it was total domination by the Devils. But......any Rag fans will tell you, they sell out their games and we don't. Like it matters!
  4. GDT: New Jersey @ NY Rangers 7:30 PM.

    Don't worry! You'll be fine. There are a decent amount of Devil fans there also. But you are down low so there will be no problems. Wear your colors proudly. I was at game 3 in last years playoffs (our only win). No one had the guts to start anything. Let's go Devils win in Regulation.
  5. 1/3rd of the season is over

    Another exciting thing is that, historically, Elias is a slow starter. If he continues at the pace he's been going, at and gets even stronger, both he and the Devils will be playing well into the spring.
  6. GDT: Buffalo Sabres @ New Jersey Devils - 7PM

    Well, we all saw this coming. Personally, I think Weekes should get the next start. A weaker team and he needs to work the rust out of his game. The Devs are going to be playing a lot of games in the upcoming weeks and we are going to need both goalies to be playing well. To sit Weekes for 3 weeks at a clip is not good for any goaltender. I know that Clemmer has been hot and the team has played great in front of him. Last night could easily have been a win. The team was just off slightly. How many pucks were just out of reach? How many plays did Elias and Zubrus make that couldn't be finished? It was one of those games. I would like Sutter to give Weekes a chance to play a game where we either weren't emotionally drained or physically tired.
  7. GDT : 12/10/08 Penguins @ Devils 7pm

    Getting ready to head off to the game. Hear's to a big win tonight.
  8. What an upgrade from last season.....

    Best signings of the summer. Good job Lou!
  9. Just joined

    I sat in section 133 row 13. I scalped the tickets outside for $40. They were $140 face. I was right behind the Devils bench and towards the blue line.
  10. Just joined

    Thanks for the welcome. Funny you should have my favorite player on you sig.
  11. DevilsRule Posters Potshotting Our Boys

    we probably were the only 3 there but who cares! I'm sure there would have been tons of other fans that would have loved to be in our shoes. I'm in Florida right now and had all my friends calling up about the show asking for my auto. I wish they would have dedicated the whole shoew to the 2000 cup winner like they advertised. Please don't call me sir!!!! I still feel like I'm 20 anyway.
  12. DevilsRule Posters Potshotting Our Boys

    hey njdev26, I was the third person on the show. I thought they did a very creative job of editting as well. I thought the three of us came over as true Devil fans no matter how it turned out (and I for one thought it was great). It also gave three different perspectives about the Devils fanbase. The younger generation through older guys like myself. The best part about it is that those "younger" fans are still Devil fans and getting to the age where they don't have to worry about their parents taking them to a game. It just shows that the fanbase is going to be getting stronger as the youth continues to grow and support the team even more.
  13. Just joined

    Hey guys/gals. Just joined this site today. I was the third guy in the MSG show on Sunday. Devs26 went to DR.com and thats how I found out about this site. I hope to be able to talk some good hockey especially the Devils. I've been a fan since 1982 and am a season ticket holder for over 18 years. I usually don't miss a game. I'm in Florida the moment and went to the Panther game down here. I'll be back in time for the next home game. But just figured I'd drop in to say Hi and introduce myself. The other 2 guys on the show did very well and I thought the show was pretty well produced. The ydid a "great" job of editting, I'll give them that much.