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  1. The Worst Coverage

    I had to turn my radio on midway through the first an put the TV on mute. I couldn't take it anymore.
  2. Devils @ Carolina OGT: 3pm NBC

    We needed this... We were thinking we were immortal for too long. I personally am happy it happened this early in the series. Marty didn't seem himself today and he was getting absolutely no help. Go Devs!
  3. Devils @ Carolina OGT: 3pm NBC

    My question is how many times is Marty gonna leave his left side of the net WIDE open
  4. Devils @ Carolina OGT: 3pm NBC

    Omg I can't take this, I think I am just going to put the TV on mute and listen to the radio.
  5. OOT: May 5

  6. OOT: May 5

    We had a game 6-5
  7. OOT: May 5

    Goooaaallll Short Handed, we have a game!
  8. OOT: May 5

  9. OOT - May 2nd

  10. OOT - May 2nd

    Is the sound on the OLN going in and out for anyone else? I have been experiencing this for the playoffs.
  11. Devils Win!

    Come on face it, we can start talking all about the sweep!
  12. Devils @ Rangers OGT: 3PM Game 4

    <insert broom in hand>
  13. Devils @ Rangers OGT: 3PM Game 4

    Next Round, Oh let me put on my flame suit.... YES I SAID NEXT ROUND! ALL YOU SUPERSTITIOUS FREAKS RELAX!
  14. Do you want the Devs to play Buffalo, Philly, or Canes?

    I also think a 7 game series would have done wonders for the NHL market. Oh well, I guess we will have to deal with a S*&$#!
  15. Devils @ Rangers OGT: 3PM Game 4

    Oh well, either way I am happy... I was looking forward to tailgating tomorrow. I'll take a win where ever and WHEN EVER it is!