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  1. whats the song that says put ur hands up in the air
  2. how bout devils rangers in the new yankee stadium
  3. a-david clarkson b-martin brodeur c-jamie langenbrunner d-zach parise
  4. dont worry about it
  5. rich preston 11/18/84 vaniesbrouck and ron low
  6. Nobody can ban me from the website. Just because I have somebody else's signature doesn't mean I would if I had my own. If Rickus would only give me the signatures than none of this would of happened so complain to him.
  7. wow funnny
  8. 224-30 doc
  9. Rangers suck
  10. 92-8 doc he won
  11. Brian Gionta
  12. im only gonna delete them if u give me the sigs i asked for