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  1. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Montreal Canadiens

    Considering this team's record against bad teams (Columbus, Edmonton, Calgary), is that really good news?
  2. GDT: Columbus @ Devils: Return of Patty

    Why can't this team ever beat the terrible teams? Why are we always the statistical outlier?
  3.   The part that scares me about this is that I don't think we're a "traditional team" anymore.
  4. Cammalleri to Wear #13

      Not happening, anyway:   "To be eligible for the exchange, the jersey being returned must be officially licensed by the NHL, be manufactured by Reebok, and have been purchased at a Devils Den Team Store location in Prudential Center or via shop.nhl.com."
  5. So now that Lou is gone...

      The Devils logo is great. It's timeless even though it was designed in the early '80s. Changing it would be a travesty.   I could probably live with a sh!tty stylized version of the logo like the Flyers had for a few years, but completely changing it -- no way.   The Devils have a uniform that still looks great even though it was designed 20+ years ago. There's absolutely no reason to change it other than for the sake of change.
  6. Devils resign eric gelinas to 2 year deal

  7. GDT: Tampa @ Devils 7 PM Kinkaid in net

    fvck this team. fvck.
  8. Official "Marty Watch" Thread

    Take note, Rangers fans, Marty is in "prime shape" for age 42, and it only looks like he has a gut because he doesn't tuck his chest protector in like most goalies.
  9. GDT: 12/4/14 New Jersey 76ers vs. the team that will beat them

    God dammit. Well I guess if we really want McDavid we have to win a few games to make it look legit.
  10. GDT: 12/4/14 New Jersey 76ers vs. the team that will beat them

    Is it bad that all I can think right now is "how are the Devils going to blow this lead?"
  11. NHL Loses Key Decision in TV Rights Lawsuit - Upd 11/14/14

    I've considered buying Gamecenter, but since I live in Cleveland, both Pittsburgh and Columbus games are blacked out. That's 9 games this season.
  12. Pat Burns Hall of Fame Induction Thread

    Really fantastic article. Brought a tear to my eye and brought back a lot of good memories. Hard to believe that was over 11 years ago.
  13. GDT: Jets @ Devils

  14. GDT: Jets @ Devils

  15. GDT: Jets @ Devils

    I just turned the game on, too. Dammit.