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  1. Just bought some new items and am in the process of setting up my Devils office. Sadly, it is impossible to be able to display everything. Selling some game worns: - Brian Gionta 07-08 White Set 3/Playoffs: $900 - Colin White 07-08 Red Set 2: $250 Matched to: - Chris Terreri 94-95 Custom Crafted Playoff Set (actually used for 95-96 season) $750 - Jay Pandolfo 03-04 Pre Season: $180 - Brian Rolston 96-97 Playoff Set - tons of wear/marks/repairs: $750 - Shawn Chambers 96-97 Playoff Set: $650 - Jacob Josefson 2011-2012 KR-AV patch/signed on crest by entire team for Lokomotiv: $1,000 - Paul Martin 06-07 Red Set 1 with 25th Patch: $275 - Bobby Carpenter Preseason/Custom Crafted: $350 - Kevin Dean Preseason/Custom Crafted: $250 - Jaroslav Modry Preseason/Custom Crafted: $250 - Alexander Semak Preseason/Custom Crafted: $350 - Mike Commodore ProPlayer Preseason (white): $225 - Mike Commodore ProPlayer Preseason (red): $225 - Cam Janssen Albany River Rats Training Camp: $225 Photos available upon request. I am looking to post a ton of photos on a site to make it easy. I will be adding some sticks/equipment over the next week or so.
  2. Wait, you guys didn't jump for season tickets to this?!?
  3. Playoffs or bust We have to make it in with the addition of Hall and some upgrades on the bottom two lines If Cory plays anywhere near the level he did last season, we are in the dance
  4. Why was Lou such a hard-ass about *everything*?!?!?!?
  5. WOW Time has really flown Will never forget this game, I sprung for Club Seats when the Kovy announcement came through What a night!
  6. Count me in the group that would take him back (assuming for wayyyyy less $$) At this very second he is better than most of our forwards
  7. Just sent Thanks for everything you do
  8. Surprised it took this long for someone to post about this Maybe this dude is a bigger headcase than we thought. With that being said, I would welcome him back....but NOT at the cap hit he was going to be at when he signed the mega deal I guess let the predictions begin for how this unfolds..... I know the rest of the teams would need to vote to let him come back. If he came back, would it be the terms of his original deal?
  9. DM, what is the PayPal address to donate?
  10. That is a load of BS and I would look into legal recourse if that is indeed the facts of the story
  11. Yea, TM is sold out and StubHub is surging towards $100 cheapest ticket It will be there very shortly Get them now because once it is announced it will continue to climb!
  12. Interesting to see if this will be the date... All signs are pointing to it....
  13. Shocking... Nobodddyyyyy saw this one coming. One of LL's worst signings; hope Ryan is OK and can have a normal life post hockey
  14. My everlasting memory of PL3; I was in attendance at The Rock that night and was going crazy: EDIT: Not sure if they ever crossed paths again before this; but here is another PL3 vs Janssen round.....this time in the A! 5 years and a month after the first epic one!
  15. I don't see obtaining tickets for this game as an issue for anyone who wants to go....