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  1. Well, did you hear what Doc said? They only showed the overhead angle inside the arena, so they thought it was in.
  2. Gm. 7 OT. The resilient Sens are still alive. I must say every time I think they're done, they fight back.
  3. So I guess this was the first decision by the new Philly Communications hire? Maybe she has a friend she'd rather have replace her? Here's the Post link: http://nypost.com/2017/05/25/devils-face-backlash-for-firing-radio-legend/
  4. OK, I really DON"T listen to too many games on the radio, if at all, but Matt & Sherry are such nice people. They ALWAYS engage in conversation, and are so polite and professional. My wife and I saw Sherry at the game they had the museum & Cup on display. I just wanted to say hello, and she stopped and talked to us like friends, for nearly 10 mins. I really wish her well.
  5. Ditto to that. Preds are fun to watch. Someone to root for in the finals.
  6. Pens looked like they had an extra player all 3rd period. I am thankful I'm not a cap fan or I'd have gone crazy already.
  7. Thank you Ottawa for your support. I didn't think you had it in ya. This one will hurt ny for a long time. They placed themselves in the weaker bracket by playing avg hockey the final 4 weeks. Got the weaker draw of the Atlantic div. "powers". Then blew basically all 3 road games in Ottawa, of which all were winnable. Oh well. That's the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Better team doesn't always win... Now, just get the pens out, and oilers (for Taylor Hall's mental state), and this will be a fun final month of 'who cares who wins it all' (to me anyway...).
  8. Great nostalgia, loved Larry Hirsch. Made me want to listen on the radio. Then I heard stories later that he was 'over the top'. My 20's self, said 'So what!". Always wondered how he would've handled 1988, then of course our cups. Will have to read more clearly this post when I have more time.
  9. Aww, way too young. RIP.
  10. I have no faith in Ottawa.
  11. First, something the NHL did this year, I'm thankful for. Not blacking out the national feeds, so we don't have to listen to sam/joe. Second, thanks Habs for not being total home chokers. Third, FVCK the red bulls and bon jovi.
  12. Bennett penalty, another awful call. His stick was on the ice.
  13. Oh, these are all giving me chills, the videos, the talk, etc. Will be awesome being there for this celebration. Does anyone remember this fantastic goal, I believe it was Elias, I can see the play, but don't remember if it was him scoring or passing. We all got posters, it was the last game of 1999 (of the century, for those not technical, of the 1900's) vs. Boston. The OT goal. Don't have time to search now. It's just a fantastic goal tic-tac passing play, I'll always remember.
  14. They might've made the playoffs last year if not for McDavid's injury, we'll never know. But pox on them and their fans. Hope they lose 4 straight. And they're probably reacting too, to TH saying he's not going to root for them in the playoffs. I mean really, what is he supposed to say. Big increases in points for Draiseitl & Maroon too.
  15. Funny, they played the theme from Dallas and showed various Devils.