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  1. Thank you Rico!!!
  2. Do it Devils, yes, show your pride.
  3. Nice, not to crack at the end. A little luck doesn't hurt. Let's shock 'em on their home ice tomorrow.
  4. Cmon pk.
  5. 8 mins to kill. Keep it up boys.
  6. At this point I just want the last 2 months to be exciting. Even if we make a pretend run, just win a stack of home games and make us fans cheer loud and proud. We know the offseason is going to bring about more changes. LGD!!!
  7. Since we're talking positives, Jon Merrill made a couple of power moves in the offense zone to create two scoring opps; would've been nice if one went in.
  8. Ill-timed yes, two breaks so close together (except for T.Hall); And because I hate going 2 or more days without Devils hockey. And I get the concept of having a break, but it does just compress the schedule for the remaining games. I guess we'll see if the players like/dislike it the next time they collectively bargain. I also hate that it's called a bye week, and Hasan mentioned the reference to the NFL. Not sure if that's where the NHL got it from, but if they did, then it's especially stupid, the NFL uses the term incorrectly too. A Bye refers to skipping a round in a playoff format, like the top 4 in the NFL do each playoff season. Or in some of NJ high school sports, where the top teams sit out a round. It's not a bye at all, but rather an off week in football and a 5-day 'break' in hockey. I too will be out extra early Sunday for Bobblehead giveaway, gotta be there before they run out. It is too bad we have a top opponent to play too. I was hoping they'd smoke Buffalo & Boston on this road trip, but the more they lose, the more they'll be itching for a win. So I hope they cream the Flyers on Sat. LGD!
  9. Can we wear our road whites on monday? Way to go tonite Devs!
  10. We really look like the better team so far tonite. Keep it up. No dumb mistakes, and clear the zone every chance you can. Hate that backward pass in the zone, seems to always lead to a turnover and a scoring opp against.
  11. I guess so. But the last angle looked like no way it went in.
  12. Saw 5 replays and still don't see the puck beyond the posts.
  13. I think it was the players assn. that wanted it, but now the complaint is too many games condensed together. c'est la vie. LGD!!! The Road warriors!!
  14. Would not have complained if they gave him a delay of game, that time. Whatever...
  15. So they apologize for last night's boarding call, then start off with 2 garbage calls tonite.