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  1. Jersey Rockhoppers

    I'll be there with my wife and sis (there first Rockhopper game!). It would be cool if there was a Morristown team too. Be a good local rival with the Rockhoppers (other than the team that's deep in the heart of Brooklyn). Quick 'road trip' is nice.
  2. Jersey Rockhoppers

    I think Hudson Valley has the smallest facility in the league, currently. Hopefully they can stick it out for another season at least. They have line of site for 2009-2010 because they are putting a team in New Hampshire, as well.
  3. Jersey Rockhoppers

    BTW, I might be the only person to have a Rockhopper jersey.
  4. Jersey Rockhoppers

    I'm assuming she meant the team. But you never know. She might have wanted to engage me in a state budget debate.
  5. Jersey Rockhoppers

    Had a great time! Definetly recommend. Not very expensive and the play is good. My review of the Rockhoppers vs. Madhatters 12/30/08 The woman at concessions said every other team has beer at their games and their revenue is doing better than Jersey. Being kid friendly is fine. But kids don't spend money. If you want to survive, you have to play to the folks that have money in their wallets. I'm not sure if the Codey has a liquor license. But perhaps have Friday night games with beer and Sunday matinees without. I'd hate to lose this team because they marketed to the wrong audience. I had a lot of fun and hope they hang around!
  6. Jersey Rockhoppers

    Going to game tonight. Hoping for the best. Like that I could get tix right behind the bench day of game.
  7. Madison Square Garden

    The post office was/is supposed to be New Penn Station (not sure if that is still happening though they are doing tons fo work over there). I think that move would have facilitated a larger renovation of MSG.
  8. Jersey Rockhoppers

    Yeah, I figure it would be more like a family/minor-league baseball vibe. So a lotta kids. I'll report back.
  9. Jersey Rockhoppers

    Some kind of penguin I believe.
  10. Jersey Rockhoppers

    Did they have beer? I wouldn't think so. But just wondering.
  11. Jersey Rockhoppers

    Yeah. It's like supposed to be a 50 games season amongst 5 teams. I think they get a New Hampshire team next year. Rockhoppers play like 5 mins from my house. I just haven't been able to check them out. Like you said, some good local hockey is, well, a good thing.
  12. Jersey Rockhoppers

    Anyone gone to a Rockhoppers game in West Orange? Trying to see how it is. I have tix for next month.
  13. Madison Square Garden

    Well, they have the summer months to mess about with it. So it looks like the Liberty will be playing more games at Radio City or outdoors. It seems what they are doing to increase the width of the concourses is to take down the walls to those mysterious rooms across from the concessions. That's about the only way I can explain it. Also, the press box is being moved 'over the ice' as explained to me by Steve Zipay. So, seating areas that are currently being occupied by the press will now be for spectators. It looks pretty cool. And, as is the sentiment here, it's needed.
  14. Non-NJ Natives : When/How did you become a Devils Fan?

    Being the state of NJ and the NJSEA were involved, I'd be more interested to see who was paid off to make it happen. After saying that, if I die under mysterious circumstances in the next few weeks ... And, stadium aside, I think Xanadu is the biggest embarassment of the entire project. Forget about the billions that have been flushed away to build it. The thing is absolutely one of the most ugly things I have ever seen.
  15. Non-NJ Natives : When/How did you become a Devils Fan?

    1) Yes. Proud to be. 2) Yes. See my Devils reasoning. No Sportschannel growing up means no regular exposure to the team whereas the Knicks were on MSG, which I got. When I got into watching the NBA, the Knicks were an Eastern Conference doormat while the Nets were right below the Celtics in the division. 3) I meant that I would be less upset if they called themselves the New Jersey Giants than I would be if they called themselves the Boston Giants, meaning that the team relocated to Boston. Sorry that was not clear. 4) I generally find it a smaller issue that they take the 'New York' name than I do that the franchise has managed to make itself a league wide joke by the way they administer their team (from top to bottom). Actually, the Metrostars removed the NY/NJ name. Red Bull brought it back. But, I can see it being a bigger deal for the Austrian company to identify as a global brand than it would for them to identify with New Jersey. They have a team in Brasil that is called Red Bull Brasil. It's branding. Marketing. It may be taken as a slight to their home state but that is not the intention. It's making $.