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  1. Tape Of The Parade...

    Sorry didn't see your thread.. Dew'nt know anything other than 9-9:30 on FSNY "Devils Celebration" Jason
  2. Tape Of The Parade...

    FSNY has a half hour of the celebration on @ 9pm tonight Jason
  3. Defeat :(

    This is true but these guys like chara came to life cause the refs made them beleive. Game 5&6 were clearly won with some help from the men in stripes. We all agree. Ottawa had no heart. If there was a good play or goal they were on fire, but as soon as the Devils scored the Sens drew back and had a reality check. The Devils played pracitically a period of hockey in game five on the penalty kill. There no way you can win on those odds. Then into game 6 at home, you just knew as a Devils fan they were not going to win. Did you hear the comment from Clement in the game 7? It was during a play when all the sens fans got upset cause they wanted a penalty called on the Devils. "you're not gonna get a call from these refs in a game seven. They will let the team decide who wins it." Why didn't the refs let the teams decide game 5 for crying out loud?
  4. Game Seven: Devils at Senators

    Post game on MSG
  5. Game Seven: Devils at Senators

    And go figure ESPN with another 20 minutes left in the hour cut away to baseball crap instead of the celebration. Great game!!! Go Devils!!!!!!!!!! I hope my neighbors don't call the police
  6. I want to see the Devils shove it down the throats of the commentators on ESPN and shut them up! Go DEVILS!