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  1. GDT: Preseason Game 1: Rags @ Devs

    FInally!! Its been a long off season. Excited to see what Boucher produces
  2. Josefson sent down, Loktionov called up

    This will be good to see what this kid can do. Josefson in my opinion only had one real good game so far. Doesn't cut it if you want to stay in the NHL.
  3. Tour of the Arena

    I just got back from the tour actually and it was really cool. The guy Tyler was awesome and took us to the "Bunker" which is ridiculous as well as the press box and a couple sweets just for fun. We have been in talks about season tickets and will be purchasing them. It was actually a great idea for us because he took us to every area we were interested in to see the views from each section and he wasn't pushing us to spend mucho dinero. We explained to him we can't afford "great seats".. took a picture from where we were standing and wrote down the price so we can think about what we want to do. He didn't put pressure on us, just wanted to sit down and talk about all the options we have and payment plans and whatnot. Quite honestly it sealed the deal for us because we got a full day of seeing each view and made the decision for us much easier to where we want to sit without having to just recall in my mind what the view was like from attending past games. If you are defenitely intersted in putting out cash for the season tix i would recommend the tour first because you get a better grasp on what to expect.. as a firs time buyer of course and only being to 12 games within the last 3 years it really helped a lot.
  4. UPDATED-Roller hockey meet!

    I live in Jackson. I don't know how many people are from that area but the Justice Complex has a rink.. great lights.. we play until midnight with no problems. There is a about 6 of us that go every other day or so and are trying to get a few games together without having to join a league and make that sort of weekly dedication. half of us are eh so so and a couple guys are real good. some people dont have all equipment yet so we tend to avoid too many slapshots and if its just us there we play half ice, hit the post, but its a lot of fun. if your in the jackson area and just want to come out let me know because im pretty much ALWAYS there. havent played in a couple years and trying to get my footing back doing a lot of drills so if you're not very experienced and just want to shoot around and do some practicing defeintely come out... BTW i took the tour of the Pru Center today and will be purchasing my 2011-2012 season tix this week probably in section 106!!! MY FIRST TIME and im very very excited. I never took notice of how that section really is though during gametime. Hopefully there are some fun people who sit there. But yeah again we are looking for some people to practice with and maybe get a few teams to play on the reg for some pre-game fun (hit the bar for a devils game right after for some drink and a good time) After a shower of course... ehh maybe not sometimes ha.
  5. Devils rule on facial hair

    Lou was going to abolish the facial hair rule.. but then he saw Crosby's mustache
  6. Let's Make it fun.

  7. DEVILS SUPPORTERS SECTION - August 16th - come name the section and p

    Fell into some tickets in section 109 had a blast chanting and screaming with 209. Wish my whole section would have lost their voice with me though. Looking forward to gettin in the 209 section and going completely nuts!!
  8. Training Camp

    I like the first two lines Parise-Zajac-Kovy and Elias-Arnott-Langs but I feel like it would be more effective to spread the talents of Parise and Kovy out a bit. Sort of how Crosby and Malkin played on the same line for a while a couple years ago but then realized they have that 1 2 punch with separating them on lines 1 and 2. Just my thoughts. Preseason should be interesting with the kids coming up.
  9. Training Camp

    Dang. That would have been a treat.
  10. Training Camp

    Hey All I am taking the train up to Newark tomorrow early afternoon to check out port 44, eat some lunch and throw some back. Im wondering if anyone knows what time the team will be skating at the pavilion. Figure i could hang out and watch from the windows for a while.
  11. GDT: Devils @ Penguins

    Wow. That made my night. Going to college in Western/Central PA... I almost got my ass kicked tonight, but wouldn't have cared... I knew more about Penguins players than the bandwagon fans around here do anyhow.. and made sure to call them out on it. Noone knew Rupp was a Devil.. this is why Pens fans are TERRIBLE. They all knew two names, Crosby and that... Mawkin.. Mokin.. Makin fellow?? GREAT GAME GUYS!!!!

    When to the Spot before the game. Free buffet, now doing every game. I sadly went with two flyers fans as I am go to college in central Pa... (BETWEEN PENS AND PHILLI FANS... TERRIBLE). Anyway, bar owner gave us free t bone steaks and 2 free shots a piece. Really cool people there. Beers were only 3 dollars for Bud bottles. Not bad for a nice bar. Also.. the Devils Dancers go there before the games so I drank with them while they sipped on Shirley Temples. I will upload the pictures soon once I can figure out how to download them from my phone!!
  13. NJ Devils officialy offers a contract to Saku Koivu

    Ive been to NY enough to know that NJ and NYC (Not staten island) pizza are pretty identical. Same water, same dough outcome, which is what matters the most! Went to school in Central PA.. they thought Dominos was good because local pizza is that bad. I don't do that brick oven crap, i like the gritty, dive pizza places... if the pizza is coming from an old guy who speaks italian and has a heavy accent, chances are its going to be good, I don't enjoy pizza made by a 19 year old with a blow out, dropping globs of gel into my sauce, which seems like it happens to me everytime i have to work in Staten Island. Nice.. pretty off topic for only being my 8th post
  14. Help needed finding 2 Devils pre-season box scores

    9/16/00 Devils 5 Penguins 4 http://www.hockeyfights.com/teams/18/schedule/pre2001 September 22nd 2001 game was a tie 2-2 in overtime http://www.hockeyfights.com/teams/18/schedule/pre2002 Hope this helps? Were you at these games and just forgot the final score?
  15. Zajac files for Arbitration

    I am not too familiar with the outcome of these cases, but does anyone know if the decided third party salaries are usually reasonable? If they are then I say let it go to court if Zajac is asking for a ridiculous salary, and lets find a coach and a couple new players seeing we lost a bit of our old core.