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  1. This is causing me pain. I don't even know if I want this guy on my team.
  2. Do you mean Hartnall's husband?
  3. A staple in Devils history if there ever was one.
  4. Pando would have to clear wavers, that would never happen
  5. I always believed that with the ban of fighting in hockey would come increased stick infractions. If I was to personally measure the risk of serious injury by comparing the two I would have to say a stick could cause a greater injury. What happened to the young player that lost his life is indeed a tragic event, however removing fighting from the game is not the answer. Young kids have been killed by batted balls in Little League play, and in some parts of the country the composite bat was outlawed. Our game has undergone some drastic post lock out changes. As a traditionalist I'm still struggling to adapt. Some things must be left in the game and fighting I believe is one of them. Here is a list of what I think should be returned or removed from the game; 1. Do not secure water bottles to the top of the goal nets. When a top shelf goal is scored the water bottle should pop up in the air and land on the ice 2. Put the center line back in. Too many cherry pickers in the league now. I like 2-1 games! 3. In overtime, take a ref off the ice, two is too many. 4. Put Matt Loughlin back on TV and put Steve Cangelosi on the radio. He has a far head made for radio. 5. The goalies stick glove is a waffle board not a blocker. 6. Get rid of the trapezoid. It's stupid and adds nothing to the game. 7. The overweight guy who sits in 233 who feels compelled to take his shirt off during the game, thanks for making me feel good about my own weight problem. 8. Ranger fans who attend Devil games and root for the other team while the Rangers are playing a home game the same night. You're an idiot, at least go home and watch it on TV. 9. Dollar Dog Night are cool, dollar Beer Nights would be really cool. 10. We need a good bar outside the arena. The Arena Lounge is a joke, it looks like a Turkish Bathhouse inside.