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  1. Woah.
  2. Can I seriously not watch the game again on direct tv ?!?!!! nvm- got it. Had to restart my box like someone mentioned last game.
  3. Weird. I tried that one. The game is listed on info but it's just a blank screen.
  4. This isn't available on Directv right ?
  5. Did anybody mention the fact that Cory met with him. And Cory being a Boston boy could play into our favor. Hell they could carpool on holidays and sing terrible 80s music together .
  6. Long time since I've been on the boards .... But I kind of have a feeling we may not be seeing 26 anymore. Wish he would be able to go out on his own terms.
  7. Not gonna lie. This team is kinda exciting to watch. Do they still have the gyro station somewhere in the concourse ? Not that it was healthy, but it was tasty.
  8. Nash seriously sucks in playoffs
  9. Rantanen if I had to guess.
  10. Well that sucks Edmonton again
  11. Well I'm bored
  12. Stempniak for Klinborn too
  13. Not gonna lie, I really hope cammaleri and tootoo are still.on this team next season
  14. People who wait for visitors autographs were complaining about it. It's just on that side too. Not sure if something happened in NJ or somewhere else but seems to protect visitors from home fans.