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  1. According to Gulitti. Link coming. http://fireandice.northjersey.com/fire-ice-1.174987/devils-plan-to-hire-john-hynes-as-next-head-coach-working-out-compensation-with-penguins-1.1346883
  2. Reality=SEASON. OVER.
  4. 1. I would hate to be in NY/NJ right now dealing with this mess. 2. Let's Go Kings!
  5. That's a wrap. Let's go UConn!!!!! (time to get drunk)
  6. Dude, you and every other person who lives near a beach/ocean/body of water/Mother Earth on the planet. You are of a very provincial mindset, clearly. Ever been to Florida? California? Costa Rica? Anywhere but NJ? Wake up. Your problems are far bigger than what's occurring at the Jersey Shore.
  7. And I will jump on board and make a broad-sweeping, presumably "ignorant" statement....2-3 years ago, my dad got wacked with a property tax increase of something like 2-3x what he was paying in the past for our home in Berkeley Township (I can't recall the exact figure but he, along with our neighbors and friends were besides themselves). As the residents of this particular area of this township(the non-365 day a year types) began to fight back, the reply by the mayor and the "365 day a year" residents: "welp, you come down here from North Jersey with all of your money, this is your second home, you can clearly afford it..." so on and so forth. So to attack people who come down and spend lots of time, dollars, etc. in your "home" is foolish and misinformed; not only are WE helping to support the local economy, we are ALSO footing the bill for a lot of property tax increases and other associated costs. The best part of this story is that the "365 day a year" residents all had a slight increase in their property taxes and did not feel the pain that my dad and others did in our area. For the record: my family is by no means "rich" or "wealthy"...simply afforded a comfortable lifestyle by a long line of extremely hard-working people who made a lot of out a little...specifically in real estate.
  8. I can see both sides having been a part of a family with a home "down the shore" for over 20 years. That being said, out of curiosity, where exactly do you live? I am curious because there are varying levels of this argument...for instance, Red Bank is very different than Lavalette or Ortley Beach and Asbury Park vs. Harvey Cedars...where do you live?
  9. Interesting take. However, in my area (Morris County) centered around Mennen Arena and those youth teams, I noticed the EXACT opposite with Devils vs. Rangers fans. That being said, we have all proven the point here that there is no good linear argument where you can say "Rangers fans are...." and "Devils fans are....", it just does not work based on all of our experiences and the areas we are from. Shows you just how diverse NJ actually is from one town, to county, to area to the next...
  10. Another good example: The most popular thing to do in NJ---be a Giants fan. Guaranteed 90-95% of the people on here are Giants fans...proud ones, at that. And there is even a good history of some socioeconomic ribbing between the "wine and cheese" Giants fans and the more blue collar, rough, rowdy Jets fans. My dad (not a sports fan back then, not an athlete by any means) put our name on the lists for Jets and Giants tickets back in 1985 when I was born with my uncle. In 1988, our name came up first in the Jets lottery (or whatever system was used) and we have had season Jets tickets since 1988. Had little to do with economics or even my dad's allegiance one way or the other--just so happens it was/is easier to get Jets tickets than Giants tickets and we have been die hard Jets fans ever since. Don't mean to beat a dead horse but I find this argument very interesting.
  11. Schneider is starting.
  12. Listen, I am not going to get into details and economics...but take my word for it, this isn't your average "well off" family. Just trust me on this one.
  13. Fair enough. One way or the other: Rangers/Devils divide has ZERO to do with economics. More with family and convenience.
  14. Santini's whole family is Ranger fans. Nothing to do with their "socio-economic" status. Sure, they own a rink and a team up in Westchester, but they are hardly hoighty toighty types. See: his cousin from NJ. Rough, rugged, blue collar type family. Rangers fans. Next question...
  15. Disagree. 100% I grew up in Mendham, NJ (yes, that Mendham) and MANY of the fans out there are Devils fans...including those who went to Delbarton. It has 0 to do with socio-economic status (what a dumb thing to say) and more to do with whether your parents/dad/uncles watched hockey growing up; if so, then you are more likely to be a Rangers fan. If you started liking hockey as a kid (I am 28 now) and your dad was not as into hockey, Devils were the new team in town, the easier ticket to get, the closer arena to go to, etc. I have "less well off" friends who are Rangers fans (in fact, most Ranger fans were less wealthy in my experience) and "wealthy" friends who have been Devils STH since 1990. Lastly, Flanders is hardly a "nice area"...so one has nothing to do with the other. Makes no sense, sorry.