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  1. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Brodeur LOOKED SOLID when the Ducks were controlling the puck in the Devils zone inbetween the devils 1st and 2nd period. He made some very underrated saves.
  2. Scf Game 7 Thread

    20 minutes!!! Don't let up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Scf Game 7 Thread

    GREAT PERIOD DEVILS, I believe we played very well, lets keep it up and the goals will come. The Stevenson penalty was complete BS, nothing severe at all. LMAO @ the broadcasters, Elias made a chance w/ no room to make a move and the broadcasters continued to hail Jiggy like he was a god. Elias came from one side and had no room to make a move... holy sh!t, how is that a god like save?!?!??!
  4. Sympathy For The Devil Fan

    We don't need sympathy, nothing has been decided yet. As far as I know Ducks haven't won the cup this year, and aren't going to. Devils win the stanley cup.
  5. We Are Winning Game 7

    If this game is close, its gonna be a towel biter for me. And if this goes to OT, then I don't know if I will be able to watch knowing that any shot taking can be a cup winner. Its gonna be tough to watch but I'm not particulary worried, hopefully the Devils can win it by a larger sum unlike the Senators Game 7.
  6. Duck Fans Confidence

    Look @ the picture in my sig... The ducks don't any experience in this situation so the fans think it will be a walk in the park.
  7. Ducks & Celebs

    This is getting a little ridiculous. They show Myers whole Thorne and Clement inform everyone how he is a HUGE Maple Leafs fan. Then the Ducks score, and they show Myers having an orgasm. We see Emilio every game in ANA. He roots like he knows something about the NHL ducks. Soon all celebs will be joining the bandwagon before Game 7 is underway.
  8. Keys To Winning Game 7

    I'm ready for the towel biter right now....... need to get the game over with right now.
  9. Keys To Winning Game 7

    There were three players that stood out on the Devils that did not play well at all. Martin Brodeur needs to be top notch tomorrow night. In these past two games, you could say he was just average. Average won't cut it, he needs to make the saves, and keep is team in it no matter the situation. Softies are not allowed. Scott Stevens in my opinion had a MISERABLE game 6. Other than the hit on Diarheia he looked like a rook. He had a very sloppy game. Jamie can't take dumbass penalties, he has to keep his head in the game no matter the situation. It comes down to this.... who wants it, gets it. WE WANT THE CUP!!!
  10. Game Seven: Devils at Senators

    Waiting patiently for this 3rd period to start.... lets get this going.
  11. Game Seven: Devils at Senators

    I know I will make to do that. How the hell could he call that a penalty, we see that all the time happen, remember Spezza did and Marty got up and gave Spezza a shot with the catcher. No penalty from Spezza, and he whacked @ Marty 3x as much as White did. Colin White is making me very nervous out there. 20 minutes left, lets get a cushion so I can relax. 20 minutes We are winning this in regulation.