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  1. Lol a reprise of the age old discussion. Tortilla vs Lemaire
  2. This is really suspicious. A bunch of people like myself could not get the Special Offers box to show up and then all of a sudden it works for all of us, around 11:15 or so. Next, any connection via my router/cable modem, including all of my home computers and iphone with Wifi cannot access the box. BUT, if I connect with iphone with 3g, then the box appears. But by now, it's too late to get a lower level ticket even though I first tried at 6:30am. I hope they lose on the 17th. Sorry, just kidding !!!!!!
  3. I don't have the option either. My luck sucks , i was able to see the tickets but couldn't get the $17 price.
  4. I can't believe I randomly got up at 6:30am on Saturday morning and there were people who got up before me to get the offer!
  5. I got the email at 6:30am and couldn't find the option for putting in the special offer. Missed out !! Where was it?
  6. Well now you know this deal definitely didn't happen because Kovalchuk played tonight.
  7. Do you think the NHL considers the event more prestigious at Yankees Stadium or the new Giants Stadium?
  8. Haha Douglas Murray? His name sticks out like a sore thumb in that list
  9. Don't care what anyone says, the B|TCHEZ are hot in DC, especially try M street.
  10. I once killed someone with the wind caused by my slap shot.
  11. Could Lou have picked him up when Montreal waived him?
  12. Happy December.
  13. Also, why visors aren't mandated is beyond me.
  14. Sore losers , what else is new. Happy thanksgiving!
  15. The kid wants to play...