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  1. Lowell/Trenton Rosters

    Who comes down in goal once Frazee's back- McKenna? I wonder if Clarkson's brother Doug ends up in Trenton. And of course- T Harrison? He was in camp with Rochester but was cut.

    Someone asked about Ironbound watering holes- gotta do Krug's Tavern- old school all the way.
  3. GDT: Devils White vs Devils Black - 7/18 @ 10am

    Great videos Crasher- on a second watch of the fight Bernard was quite willing- but still a yawner. Hilights for my two kids were getting to meet Brylin- he was very generous signing for the kids and looked like he was having a great time, and having Lou greet them as he walked along the balcony between one of the periods- he also looked like he was having a great time.
  4. GDT: Devils White vs Devils Black - 7/18 @ 10am

    The fight was very early in the 1st- staged- between Harry Young and Ashton Bernard. Both guys talked and nodded before the faceoff, then immediately dropped the gloves and helmets once the puck dropped. Not much of a fight- Bernard did alot of sweater grabbing- even ripping Youngs sweater- which is why he had no number the rest of the day- he had to change his out. Bernard appeared physically stronger- slamming Young into the boards twice- but Young seemed like he wanted to throw more punches but couldn't reach Bernard. Overall a yawner. PL3 really threw himself around in the 2nd period. With about 2 minutes to go he was really steamed at someone on the white team whose name escapes me- K Cormier finally stood up on the bench and hollered back at him but there was nothing from Kevin today in the physical department- although he did get a goal.
  5. 7/7: Trenton Devils announce 2009-10 Schedule

    While mid week games are not good- how does Trenton compare against the rest of the league? I took a look at Johnstown- who is a charter member of the league and thus "should" have a favorable schedule- they have 8 midweek games vs Trenton's 10 so you can't really complain on that front unless the rest of the league is out of whack.
  6. Rupp to Penguins

    Say what you want about Rupp- he answered the bell against the big guys when he had to and I doubt you'll find a better 4th liner to fill that role. we'll see with PL3. That said there was no way he was going to get $1.6 mil out of the Devils so good for him. He's close to home now also- he played junior in Erie and is still pretty active there also.
  7. T Devils @ Jackals Game 3,4/15

    Castonguay a minus 3 for the game- he's clearly coasting this series- time to waive bye bye for next year.
  8. TDevs new Scoreboard

    Took in the game tonight- what a scoreboard, found myself at times watching the high def and not the action. That said- Coleman pinballs the puck around like he's in a machine, but gets the job done. Good job by Myles on an always tough Bobby Davey (loved his arm raising at his own bench after the fight, trying to rally the troops)
  9. Trenton Transactions 11/10/08 - Wow...Busy day

    Here's the first time around
  10. GDT - T-Devils @ Cincy rd. 1 1/9/09

    Lets see Coleman stay healthy. It's baffling to me that after arguably being the most dominant goalie in the OHL 2 years running for the Hunters in London he's played for 10 pro teams in 4 years. something smells about that........
  11. Food around the Rock

    How about Bellos, on the other side of Penn Station? Decent at lunch.
  12. GDT - Trenton/Cyclones 12/28

    Houle retired right after this game and the Cyclones other goalie was called up to the AHL, maybe we can loan Smith to them. Johnson was begging for a rematch after Harrison easily took care of him first time around. I don't understand everyone's fascination with Cormier, he was a stud in a weak junior league, but has done absolutley nothing in the pros. At least Harrison can skate a regular shift and has a better pedigree.