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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing brodeur leave

    i wouldent mind seeing you leave and get some actual devils fans in here.. you have to stick by your team through the good and the bad to be a devils fan. if you wanna scrap the whole team and startover every year with a bunch of new guys and overpriced freeagents go cheer on the rangers.
  2. Langenbrunner: "I would imagine I'm playing tomorrow"

    why are they being so hush hush with the "lowerbody inj"?
  3. Andy Greene

    hmm... what was our roster when we were unbeatable in february?
  4. Andy Greene

    greene earned to be in game 6, but i dont wanna see him log a ton of minutes
  5. Oduya and Martin

    martin has always been solid. johnny o used to scare me on the ice, he would make huge mistakes and then rush back to cover it with his speed. this whole season he has turned the corner and is now a very solid blueliner.
  6. No Devils/'Canes on NBC; Langs and Sal unknown for game 6

    does the team loose out on some cash because of this?
  7. Parise Nominated for Lady Byng!

    if it is "the player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability." then where is martys?
  8. No Devils/'Canes on NBC; Langs and Sal unknown for game 6

    "the Jeep World of Adventure" ??? is sid crosby driving the jeep?
  9. The single greatest game Brodeur has ever played

    thats a good point
  10. Caps demonstrate how to deal with Avery

  11. Devils Viewing Party

    im rather certain the devils dancers are under 21
  12. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 4 - 7:30 MSG+

    sweet!!!! im psyched for this game!
  13. watch devils games in boston??

    i was stuck in boston for 6 months on a job. i watched games at the coolage corner clubhouse in brookline. the bartender chick is a hardcore devils fan 307 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446 (Coolidge Corner Clubhouse)
  14. Caps demonstrate how to deal with Avery

    the caps did not demonstrate how to deal with Avery! the league demonstrated that they are in the rangers pocket. how can this clown still be allowed to play? Milan Lucic was suspended, yet averys new thing of hitting goalies in the head after the play is allowed first on tim thomas and now on varlemov. the league has set it as acceptable now, so he will continue with no punishment.