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    First off as the rest of us in this thread..... I enjoy watching, listening and going to devils games. Secong off I love the sport of Hockey. I also enjoy baseball (Yankees) during the offseason. I like fishing boating hiking and just enjoying the time.
  1. Got kicked out of the game last night

    Ive never had a problem cheering. I mean this one kid asked me to be quiet right after rolston had the game winner in ot against ottowa earlier this season i was like wow the game is over and you want me to be quiet. That was funny
  2. 3 on 3 Hockey

    I cant stand the shootout. Its really annoying and has nothing to do with the sport.
  3. The Official Bobby Holik Adds Toughness Thread

    I really hope tonights game turns to our favor. I want holik rupp and clarkson to legally tear the sh!t out of avery. gonna be sweet to watch
  4. Quick Jersey Question

    Thats about what i payed for my Brodeur 25th ann jersey
  5. 3 on 3 Hockey

    3V3 is horrible imo
  6. Quick Jersey Question

    Im not trying to cheat my way up in post amount numbers. Plus i would have to right them all right? jk
  7. zubrus

    Do people agree with me?
  8. zubrus

    Ya know what a part of me thinks that we have alot of sleepers on this team. Come playoffs i feel that zubrus, shanahan and rolston are gonna show us something we havnt seen from them this year. I mean can anybody remember shanahan as a ranger the guy was great and that was only last year. i know he was getting top 6 min in new york but i think sutter will use him a little more often once the playoffs roll around
  9. Madden, Gionta want to stay with team

    i read somewhere earlier that somebody was giving a pass to rolston. i totally agree. That injury that he had was something seriouse and can remember what crosby looked like at the end of last season. Hopefully he steps up in the playoffs which i think he will and continues to be positive throughout his contract
  10. Madden, Gionta want to stay with team

    I remember last year right at the deadline gionta went up to brodeur and gave him a hug thanking him for all his time spent with him. Its a choice lou is going to have to make with his head and not his heart. I hate these cases
  11. zubrus

    Take the player for what he is. Just remember what would have happened if every player played like he did in last years playoffs. Hes a solid player playing for a great team. What more could you ask for?
  12. The Official Bobby Holik Adds Toughness Thread

  13. March 17 2009

    is he the only player that has one of them from the devils?
  14. Any chance at all for Marty to win the Vezina?

    Hes gonna tie his vezina collection with another ring imo