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  1. Considering Anaheim's rather lackluster start to the season and the competitive division, not to mention conference they play in, i wouldn't be suprised in the least if Scott came back here to play with his brother and have another shot at the cup with a team that can actually compete. It all makes too much sense really, his brother is here, we are an all-star defenseman away from being close to/if not the best team in the Eastern conference in my opinion. Plus he has a history with the organization, with Jacques and some of the players. I'd honestly be suprised if he isn't wearing Devil Red by the end of trade deadline day, maybe even sooner. Also : Niedermayer-Martin Oduya-White Salvador-Greene/Mottau Yes, YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!
  2. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    Absolutely fantastic performance in the last 25-30 minutes of the game tonight. Considering all the injuries we've dealt with this team is quickly proving they can compete with anyone no matter who is missing from the lineup. Greene and Clarkson deserve an immense amount of praise, they've stepped up their game so much, Greene looks like a #1 defenceman out there and Clarkson is getting better every game. I've also liked what i've seen from Halischuk, Zubrus and Rolston too. They haven't always been our favourites but damn they are making the plays when it matters at the moment. This team has a whole lot of heart, i'm really excited to see the finished product when everyone is back healthy. Heres to hoping the Rags and Pens lose. LGD!
  3. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    ANDY GREENE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A LEGEND.
  4. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    Great goal by Clarkson, and all of a sudden its tied.
  5. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    And we are right back in it, great job guys. We have momentum now, try and tie it up before the end of the period.
  6. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    Another PP and a few good chances prior to it. A goal puts us right back in it, we just need the momentum, come on lads!
  7. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

  8. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    First PP of the night, lets go lads !
  9. GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    Nice fast start, what i like to see. Devils look like they have settled in and seem to be playing decent hockey. LGD!
  10. What's on your mind?

  11. GDT: NJ Devils vs. NY Islanders

    Considering all the injuries the lines still look really good. Once we get the rest of our guys back i really think we will be one of the tougher opponents in the league, we have a great mix of young talent and veteran experience. Hopefully Danis won't dissapoint in goal tonight, the Islanders haven't looked too bad this year so i hope the team isn't taking them lightly. Lets go Devils!
  12. GDT: NJ Devils vs. Capitals

    We are going to be a formidable opponent when we get Oduya, Martin, Elias and Pandolfo back. With so many injuries i've been really impressed with how the team has stepped up and some of our less appreciated players have made great contributions. I was really impressed with Bergfors and Zubrus tonight, they both played fantastically, Langenbrunner and Rolston played well and looked pretty decent when they were playing together with Niedermayer. I also really liked the Parise-Zajac-Bergfors line for the little bit of time we got to see it, they seemed to gel quite nicely. Two more points which is fantastic, looking forward to hopefully seeing Elias and Oduya back in the lineup this weekend, i like Murphy but he needs some more time in the minors in my opinion. Fraser on the other hand looks pretty decent, a very good 7th defenceman. Loving what i'm seeing from Greene as well, very happy with the defence at the moment, nice to see that a few injuries to key players don't cause the team to collapse. Another player deserving of a mention in my opinion is Matt Halischuk, he looked alright tonight, nothing spectacular but he outplayed Pikkarainen in my eyes. Sort of hoping he doesn't get sent straight back down to Lowell. Good win anyway guys, hopefully we carry the momentum over into the Islander/Senator games this weekend. LGD!
  13. GDT: NJ Devils vs. Capitals

    Icing, that should be it, great win again with alot of personnel injured. Hope Niedermayer is ok.
  14. GDT: NJ Devils vs. Capitals

    Uh-oh. Come on lads get it together.
  15. GDT: NJ Devils vs. Capitals

    Another PP, this is fun