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  1. Section 125 aisle. $50 for the pair. Accept PayPal. Will email tickets.
  2. 2 Tickets Stadium Series

    I have 2 extra tickets in section 326 row 2. Face value with fees was $290 per but I'm asking $450.
  3. PayPal only. Pm me if interested.
  4. STH...Devils/Rangers @ Yankee Stadium

    Finally! Got section 326 row 2, seats 3-6
  5. STH...Devils/Rangers @ Yankee Stadium

    Yeah same here
  6. STH...Devils/Rangers @ Yankee Stadium

    So you putting in your name for purchasing extra tickets wasn't an issue? I also am purchasing extra for friends but not sure which ones yet.
  7. 2013 NHL Draft

    This is on the devils website. Everyone got just 2 additional tickets. NHL DRAFT TICKETS You can now log into your My Devils Account to print your General Admission Draft Tickets for free. There has been a tremendous response from our passionate fans requesting tickets, however we are happy to report for all those accounts that asked for additional tickets, we were able to provide each of you with two additional General Admission tickets. If you requested additional tickets, the two additional tickets will also appear on your My Devils Account, and may be printed for free once you log-in.
  8. Hockey jersey frame?

    I framed my brodeur jersey. It looks amazing. I went all out with double matting of red suede and black matting, thicker frame, jersey completely fitted not folded so frame is huge, and museum glass so very minimal glare. It cost around $850 but so worth it!i had it done at a framing place called Around the Corner Art Center in Freehold. Sorry the pic uploaded sideways.
  9. Devils Mini Banners

    I got the 96-97 banner at the auction table last night! $25. I just need the 87-88 one now.
  10. Skating on the main ice at prudential center

    I signed up for 3/16 for 2 people but have 4 now. Do they check that? I know with the net picture they didn't.
  11. 2013-2014 Season Ticket Renewals

    While I do agree the cup holders are a huge plus, I had season tickets in section 12 and even with the more cramped seats I much prefer the upper levels. You can see the whole ice at all times and everything going on. I have tickets now in 107 and I'm very happy with them. For playoffs last year I got center ice 100 seats and those were awesome. But comparable in price to the lowers I had and if I wanted to spend that much again I'd still take the 100s.
  12. 2013-2014 Season Ticket Renewals

    No these are the prices for season tickets. It would be easy if I could just post the pic of the seating chart but I can't. The 100 level balcony attack zone rows 4-14 are $29. Balcony rows 1-3 either end are $45. Balcony defend twice rows 4-9 are $27. Balcony defend twice rows 10-14 are $23.
  13. 2013-2014 Season Ticket Renewals

    For 200 level, the 4 corners are $18, upper level ends (226, 227, 214, 215) are $28, center (229 & 212) are $35, and the rest upper level sides are $32.
  14. 2013-2014 Season Ticket Renewals

    There are 4 different price ranges for the 200 levels. 226 is $28
  15. 2013-2014 Season Ticket Renewals

    I can tell you center ice seats in the 100 level is $59 per ticket. For front row it's $69. So for a half season it will definitely be more than that per ticket.