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  1. Is it true Deb Placey is replacing Cangelosi and pre and post game host?
  2. has the devils pre-season schedule been released? Thanks!
  3. who was entitled to go to this? Probably not i i sit in 200s full season...paid invoice in full early and thought there was a meet the players event i was entitled to but i guess not this one...
  4. best move rangers made since getting rid of gomez...best moves rags are making are additon by subtraction..IMHO always better to go with youngsters instead of free agents unless a Kovy comes along!
  5. Am I safe to assume there will be no Albany Devils games at the Prudential Center this year? Loved the Lowell-Hartford games at the Rock last year.
  6. Spoke to reps in hallway last night ..appears season ticket prices will go up a few dollars for each area next year..also payments due start with first payment due april 17..can either pay in full , 4 time payment once every 2 months or 12 month payment plan. He was not sure if incentives like free tickets for 3 games. food and beverage discount card etc would be offered..has anyone heard same or can add to this ...thanks!