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  1. Defeat :(

    OK guys, had time to cool down. Sorry I posted the BS about the refs, at the time it seemed unfair but now I realise that they weren't calling anything for either team. You guys had a good season. Almost as good as us in the regular season... and better in the post-season. Congratulations.
  2. Defeat :(

    It is true! I swear on all my Sens merchandise... that should convince you!
  3. Defeat :(

    "They called it even, You better shut it down now I think teh Labats Blue is getting to you. Better go get some Tim Hortons caffee." Un huh, just wanted to let ya know that I am 15. Not old enough for beer, I'll take the coffee though, you buying?
  4. Defeat :(

    You have to admit that the refs did quite a bit to help out the Devils in the game, I'm not saying that's an excuse, we're used to playing like that. The otehr thing is, that goal was lucky, one of our players made a costly mistake, without that this game would have been in OT right now, and Ottawas has never lost in OT.
  5. Defeat :(

    Sure, see you next year. I think you'll win the cup... although I kinda hope you don't. Sorry, but you'd being the same thing if the Sens had won.
  6. Defeat :(

    God, I feel like crap. You really don't deserve this, not anymore then the Sens anyway, it easily could have gone either way!