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  1. Devils Pursuing Afinogenov and Kotalik

    You guys don't think that Kotalik and Afinogenov would be good fits for the Devils? That's why I came here and posted it because I heard the Rangers were after Kotalik and wanted to know the thoughts from fans on the other side of the river.
  2. Devils Pursuing Afinogenov and Kotalik

    Greetings Devil fans, I come in peace! From Hockey Rumor Buzz http://bleacherreport.com/articles/213783-...nogenov-kotalik
  3. Devils Talk Show

    Brett's a good guy and does a good job with me on Rinkside. It will be a lot of fun for whoever wants to do it. And while your at it, check out Rinkside at http://rinkside.webs.com. Lots of Rangers and Devils talk and you'll find that I am one of the most unbiased Ranger fans out there.