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  1. former Bardonia resident here, folks still there. You have my vote.
  2. Sundays STH Event

    ya thats what I thought too. Thanks
  3. Sundays STH Event

    Hey guys, does anyone know if the team has gotten more strict with giving these tickets to friends and family if the STH isn't able to make it? It says tickets are non transferrable but I don't remember it being an issue in the past seasons.
  4. So Apparently The Rumor Is Kovy Could Be Coming Back

    although I'm sure this is no truth behind this rumor, you would be an idiot not welcome him back to this team over hurt feelings.
  5. Food drive this Friday

    i work with ticketmaster on a daily basis. After seeing the link didn't offer the book bank slot for the opening 1o minutes i tried using the TM app on my phone and kept pulling incredible seats (ie row 5 downstairs) but every time i got to the checkout screen it would prompt me for a new credit card and then the app would crash over and over again. eventually i logged into my work computer and was eventually able to pull a pair of tickets downstiars in sec 13 row 22. pretty terrible expereince and this is coming from someone who goes through them with TM on a daily basis.
  6. It's time for Kovalchuk to step up and play hurt

    I don't know guys, he has the time to do his dry cleaning so why not jump back onto this sinking ship faster ya know?
  7. Skating on the main ice at prudential center

  8. Skating on the main ice at prudential center

    It was surreal.
  9. Skating on the main ice at prudential center

    You simply go to the VIP entrance on the side of mulberry, drop off your skates and they put it in the room next door. Then you meet at section 21 and they walk you back down near the VIP entrance where you get your stuff,rent a pair of skates, sign a waiver and skate. Haha. Hope it came out good.
  10. Skating on the main ice at prudential center

    45 mins
  11. Skating on the main ice at prudential center

    Has anyone done this yet? If not i suggest you do it at least once because I think it's definitely cooler than meeting any player.
  12. Unfortunately, some more bad news in Devils-land / Marty

    Remind me why we are trusting your source again?
  13. Meeting Sergei Brylin

    Does anyone know a place where I can get my jerseys framed? I have 3 that are ready to go.
  14. Meeting Sergei Brylin

    Thanks to someone posting it on their facebook, I learned that Sergei Brylin would be signing free autographs at the Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany yesterday as part of WDHA kids fest. The line was quick and maybe lasted 7 minutes. They had pictures for him to sign (which some people took advantage of by requesting 323439339 for people who weren't there) and there was no limit on how many things he signed. Since he is my favorite hockey player of all-time and I've missed out on meeting him at South Mountain I had to take full advantage. We chatted a bit in Russian about Kovalchuk and soccer. I'm surprised I didn't faint. Below are all of the things he signed including his picture addressed to me in Russian.