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  1. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    now that the lebron drama is over i wanna see if kovy is goin to make his decision soon but i have a feeling it may be a while before he signs.
  2. Hey, happy birthday

  3. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    we need a whole new defense thats all. we cant go with no name guys anymore... time to step up to the plate lou and make some big big moves... devils jsut made this a long week for me.. ugh!
  4. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    My stomach has been in knots since sunday for this game. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!
  5. seriously did the devils stay in new jersey after there win in game five
  6. devils need to get there head out of their butts and start playing the devil hockey we all know and love. LGD!
  7. going to the game tonight was awesome. the whole area was loud. probably one of the loudest game i been too. that dancing dude needs to be fired, i just want to punch him out so we dont have to see his horrible dancing anymore
  8. Lets Go Devils! finally be able to watch the game since i will be at home and not at school tonight.
  9. GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 3 - 7:30 MSG+

    last nights game was a pure thriller! i was kept at the each of my seat the whole night while watching the game at home. Def the win the devils needed!
  10. GDT: Canes at Devs... 7:30PM ROUND 1 GAME 2 MSG+

    LGD!!! ill be working and unable to listen or watch the game for the second night...
  11. Rupp in- Holik out

    having the experience guy out there is key, but also having the guy that will not be in the penalty box all night is key too. I like the move sutter made, but Rupp needs to play well or i can see him not in the line-up for game two. i feel Holik will not help us if he was in. i Know he is one of the senior guys on the team and would have some good leadership but we have many players who have tested the playoffs before so holik out is not a bad thing for the devils.
  12. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

    its that time of the year! get ready for some crushing hits up on the boards. nice slap shots for goals. crazy saves by our goalkeeper. gotta love the playoffs. Lets GO DEVILS!!!!

    i think the devils match up well against carolina.. we just need to do better on the powerplat and we need to get a body in front of ward. that is going to be the success for us in this first round match up.
  14. PL3 recalled from Lowell

    PL3 will give some rest to the guys before the playoffs and will be a force on the ice and could be a positive addition to the lineup for tonight.