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  1. At the business end of the shop, the players are just assets on the balance sheet. They all have a value that's hopefully fully insured sumewhere. If it were my team, I would say $250m please or go home.
  2. Canadians Tell Gomez to Stay Home

    Doubt it. Those guys are born to play competitive hockey. Must be killing him.
  3. Hey Zach ... just leave right now. We have no interest in talking to you or about you for one second more. The Devils are bigger than you, and you walked away from it. See ya.
  4. Has Ilya Kovalchuk Changed For The Better?

    Yep exactly. Just clear out the slot though (min requirement for every forward). A full back check is the next level (Zach style), but that may detract from what we want him to do.
  5. Has Ilya Kovalchuk Changed For The Better?

    I think he's also playing in a system where the plays are more spread around, rather than being channeled through just one attack guy. I.e. I presume he gets less lone-sniper chances with NJD than he used to with ATL. I love Kovy's attitude and heart, and he's a huge part of our team now. When he picks the puck up in center ice and turns on the afterburners, it must terrify defenses. And despite being asked to play on his non-natural wing, I think he makes a great first line with Zach and Henrique. Two things I'd like him to change? 1 - on the PP - don't go all static on us and try to wind up for the big slapshot. I would ask him to mix it up much more, going low onto the goal-line, getting into the middle of the box and so on. In fact, some of his best moments on PP have been when he swapped sides with Foster to draw the play out. So get unpredictable please. And 2 - chase back hard and clear out the slot. He's guilty of cruising back on occasion, and not picking up either the lead threat or the trailer. These are not big things to fix though, and would make a big impact.
  6. Head Shots

    Ah well Sterio - we can agree to disagree on the automatic penalty. I can definitely see issues with making it automatic (e.g. a player dives in front of an attacker to block a shot, knowing he will get a knee in the face and the attacker had no chance to avoid it), but at least we would put the onus more firmly towards the hitter showing he made every effort to avoid the head hit. Whatevs - if it's clear that if these incidents are not being called, and we are ending up on the worse side, then we need to rebalance the equation. Anyone over 6' 2" ... step up please for more training.
  7. Head Shots

    I think they set a precedent. You can 'target' the head so long as you keep your feet on the ice and your elbows down. That's what I see in both examples. This is a weird league where you can tap somebody on the gloves and get whistled for 2 minutes for hardly more than a dink, but you can charge somebody from 10 yards away, knock them flat with a blood injury too, and the opponents get 2 minutes instead. But if that's the interpretation, then we meet fire with fire. I just think a head-first hit should be an automatic penalty, or let the players take care of their own, or let the mayhem ensue.
  8. Will Parise Really Stay In NJ?

    I personally think he stays, gets as close to a Kovy deal as we can give him, and remains a Devil for a long time to come.
  9. Site funds.

    Done. Thanks guys for keeping this Devs home up and running.
  10. Kovalchuk

    I think it's coming on nicely for Ilya. Back to back gorgeous SO goals, and now a PP goal from the deep slot must all be helping build his confidence. I would like to see more energy from him crashing in on the net with the puck rather than doing his big gliding runs around the back of the net, and I would like to see him get much more aggressive on the forecheck especially down low behind the goal line. On the PP ... he's a bit too static and one-dimensional for my liking. That shot from the attacking left circle will dial in and he'll score a few there, but it's telling that he moved position and scored immediately. Looking at the Pred's PP - their 2 goals showed some positions that I would love to see us getting into ... either lurking a stick's length lateral to the goal, or in the mid slot for a deflection.
  11. Parise named captain!

    Me too, Colin. Six years to the day, according to that video. I am sad at the negativity in this thread. This is our new captain, on his first day in the new job. Can we get behind him 100% already please? For me, Zach epitomizes the never give up attitude. Where lesser players would make a shot then ease up, he's the kind of guy to fight for the 5% chance, to drive to the last moment. If he can take the new guys under his wing and inspire them to emulate his energy level and commitment, this will be an outstanding season for our team. Jersey's Team. Let's go Devils - Zach's Devils.
  12. Clark MaCarthur

    I think that the rule is badly worded, but Shanny's application is very clear: whatever the guy laying the hit wanted to do, if he cleanly hits the head and nothing else, then Shanny will suspend them. (What I don't like is the word "targets" which suggests intent, versus "impacts" which says even accidental contact is illegal and suspendable.) So I think Shanny reads "targets" and thinks "impacts". In the pre-season video explaining what's allowed and what is not tolerated, they were very clear that NHL is a contact sport and it will stay like that. The examples of legal hits clearly show you can wipe out the opponent to a point where he is really shaken up, but you need to have simultaneous contact with the body as well. I personally think that this is fine, because the body and head take the same impact, rather than just the head whipping round. If the alternative is to have players out for seasons at a time with concussion, then this is a sensible rule.
  13. Cangi to be Devils new PBP guy

    I just hope that Cangi hires Doc to give him some 1-1 coaching . Missing our franchise play caller hugely. It's a tough thing to teach what he could do... the color on the descriptions, the introspectives (on what Doc was feeling about something), the matching of the commentary to the crescendo of the play and painting beautiful verbal pictures to magnify the game. I agree with the relativity though. Relative to many non-Devils play callers, he's already good. We were just hugely spoiled, that's all.
  14. Rolston discusses NJ Locker Room

    Quite sad to read really. When professional athletes quit on their coach, they are really quitting on the team and the fans. You may not like his style, but damn ... keep the effort at 110%.
  15. Brooklyn Musician suing Devils

    Well - let's get Hells Bells back right now. IMHO the Devils intro was completely missing without it. (It was probably bad karma to remove it too...)