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  1. Just a little background - I'm a full season ticket holder whose wife just had our second child in 14 months two months ago. So now we've got a 16 month old and a 2 month old... As you can guess, we're not making many games... Our Devils attendance loss is your gain! I'd like to sell them to fellow Devils fans where I can, so here it is... I've got 14 of the remaining games for sale if anyone's interested, including the Penguins game tonight. http://www.michaelaanddan.com/Devils.asp I'll even take 10% off the top if you buy multiple games. There's a link at the top to email me any requests. Thanks a bunch!
  2. this sucks

    Anyone upset about Oates leaving has forgotten about our complete inability to score a power-play goal, which, as I understand it, was the whole point of having Oates in the first place. If the team had at least a clue about running a powerplay we might have a 4th cup right now... With the talent we had out there, we should have been (way) better than we were. As for Larry, I think his time here has run its course. He's been good, but not spectacular, with our young talent. I'm actually pretty excited to see who PDB brings in. I'm really hoping it's someone from outside the organization. A little new blood in the idea department isn't a bad thing... Maybe they'll teach the team the illusive "one-timer" we've all seen other teams employ...
  3. Timonen VS Bryzgalov

    It was a lazy play by Timonen but Bryz is an NHL goalie. He might not be the best with a stick but he should be proficient enough to dump it to the corner or to either side. He had both his defensemen open and time enough to move it... That said, great play by Clarkson to initiate the play!
  4. Thanks. Seems like he's usually pretty on for the rebound game (from what I can remember). Figured it would have been higher...
  5. Is there any way to dig up Marty's GAA (or number of shutouts) in playoff games where he got pulled in the previous one?
  6. Like the title says... 2 seats right behind our goalie of choice... I'd love to get $90/seat but will take a reasonable offer... The view from these seats is amazing and, the way we've been playing the past week or so, is bound to be full of action. Thanks!
  7. Computer help

    I had something similar but it would open a popup every 5th time (or so) I would use google. Try using malwarebytes to see if there's anything kicking around. Good hunting!
  8. I know this is really late but I can't go tonight... Anyone want them? I'd like to get $80 each but BO is fine considering the game starts in about 2 hours, $100 face. 2nd row behind Marty, Section 14. These are really great seats! Let me know!
  9. Craziest hockey stories

    One nondescript early-winter game in 2003, my girlfriend-at-the-time and I were sitting in our normal seats in the upper deck of Continental Arena just minding out business, watching the game. Somewhere around the end of the first period, a completely wasted, pretty rotund facepainter and his girlfriend sit directly behind us. There's literally no one else within 5-10 seats since it was an off game so we take notice (we saw them wondering around beforehand so we figured these weren't their actual seats) and continue watching the game, cheering, etc. About a minute or two after they sit down, he starts making grunting noises whenever we cheer or whatnot. For the next couple minutes it's like that which was starting to bug me. Then... The noises changed... What was a grunt became a gurgle. Without much warning, my entire back and right side were covered in a pink, foamy vomit that, to this day, I can't begin to fathom what he drank to create. I'm shocked - completely at a loss for words or actions... I stood up and looked at the guy. He was sitting back, almost passed out, with his girlfriend looking at me like, "What?" The usher came up with security and escorted us all down to the office. They got the boot, after much arguing by the facepainter, as we tried to get ourselves cleaned up. We got sent up to the ticket office to get our seats moved for the rest of the game (which was in about the middle of the second period at the time) where we were told that we could only get moved to seats within our ticket bracket, meaning we couldn't move up at all... So, we ended up sitting 5 rows forward in the same section. Pretty lame, Devils Front Office... To this day it's still a sore spot... We ended up having to get her leather jacket dry-cleaned and I (stubbornly) resurrected my jersey with Fast Orange to return it to its original white color... We never did get a call from the guy, either. My number was on the little security report just as his was but never got a "Hey, sorry I threw up on you" call... I see the guy around at games every now and again, usually drunk as ever, greasily fumbling his chubby, drunken ass through life.
  10. Anybody know anything about refrigerators?

    Unfortunately, sometimes you've got to call a repair guy... They've got specialized tools and knowledge and can probably diagnose the individual part that failed quickly instead of narrowing it down and throwing parts at it... That said, it may be worth replacing... It's probably nowhere near as efficient as today's models so switching would probably save you money on the electric bill as well as keep your food colder than it is now... If you decide to try and fix it and need parts, i've always used www.repairclinic.com for what I can't find at HD or Lowes. Good Luck!
  11. Gomez to the AHL?

    As much as an unmotivated goof of a hockey player as he is, I would take him back in a heartbeat just to play with Kovalchuk. Think about it... Gomer's prime years were playing with Mogilny and to a lesser extent with Elias and Gionta, both in their prime. In 2000, he was a rookie with something to prove, then in 2003 he had Burns "motivating" him. Now, after his game declined, and balded, he's got something to prove again and is still one of the best puck movers in the game (when he's motivated). And let's face it, for as good a goal scorer as Kovalchuk is, he's nowhere near an elite stickhandler. More times than not, the puck magically jumps off his stick as soon as he gets moving. Kovy's a shooter plain and simple and one of the best in the game today. Give him someone who can pass the way Gomez can and it'll be scary...
  12. I can name that team in one note

    Can't decide between rudderless or heartless...
  13. Headshots...

    With the Chara hit and all the press the headshots have been getting since the NHL opened up I was wondering where everyone stands on something. Ever since the NHL opened up it seems like more and more players are getting hurt with a growing number of those being in very prone positions. In the old days, when the players getting hit were held more accountable if they got hurt (ie "hey, he should have had his head up"), "clean" hits were taken care of within the the scope of the game (harder hitting, fighting, etc. as retaliation). Personally, and I know I'll catch some heat for this, I feel that the NHL should be responsible for punishing elbows, forearms, etc. to the head but "clean" hits that happen to hit the head should still be allowed and that players should be more responsible for not putting themselves in dangerous situations. You would never see a player intentionally lean his head towards the boards when a defender is coming up from behind or a player reaching, completely stretched out with a defender closing in... The players are putting themselves in the dangerous situations to get the edge over the defenders because they know the defender shouldn't hit them hard or risk taking a penalty. So, my questions is: In a perfect world, what would you like to see: - NHL Crackdown - NHL hands out severe penalties for all headshots/prone hits. The game opens up but hitting all but disappears as players use the rules to their advantage. - Players - NHL punishes illegal hits (elbows, forearms, boarding, etc.) but players become more responsible for not putting themselves in dangerous situations. The game slows down a bit and a little finesse is lost. - Mixed - NHL cuts down on elbows, forearms, etc. but players are held more accountable for getting hurt in prone situations. - Old school - Mixed plus instigator rule is removed and players police themselves for dirty play ****** Sorry if this is very disjointed and written like a 10-year old... I'm at work writing between phone calls...
  14. For $8 million, Gomez should learn to act like an adult

    It's really amazing how bad he's gotten... I still believe he can be one of the best playmakers in hockey when he wants to. If only his work ethic and maturity were at the level of his raw skill... Oh, wait... He's not putting up the numbers because we're not using him properly... Riiiigggghhhhtttt...
  15. MacLean has been fired. Confirmed on NJ.com

    This team has a lot of problems, one of which was the coach. Probably not the top of the reasons we suck this year but the easiest to deal with. Hopefully Lou doesn't stop here and either cleans house completely or deals with some of the other issues...