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  1. This team is beyond frustrating to watch. We can't connect on a single pass, I can't remember the last time it was carried over the blue line, and we're down 2-0 to the ISLANDERS. Our defense is soft and our offensive is non-existant.
  2. This is the third contest I've tried in the past two season and still no luck. Broke college student would love to see a free Devils game.
  3. Reda: Peace out Rolston
  4. I seriously hate this team. Every year in the Playoffs I want to rip my head off.
  5. anybody have something that will work for a mac user in philadelphia? sh!t's blocked out here but i dont get comcast.
  6. sup with these refs? something's gotta give
  7. we need to unload peters. He hasn't had a single positive effect on our team. I'm frustrated every time i see he's dressed.
  8. Thanks for those links but I'm a mac user and none of them are working. UGH Anyone else have a link?
  9. Who's got a feed of this? there's no chat up
  10. What's up everyone. I'm a new poster from Long Island, at school in Philadelphia though...I didn't want to post this is hell so I figured I'd ask here...Anyone know where I can stream tonights game for free? I normally only catch the games that are on yahoo, but I'd love to catch Kovie's debut. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Love it. Hearing things like this make me smile.
  12. it looks like you're picturing us taking the 3rd seed....2nd is not out of reach. there's still a lot to be determined as far as seeding goes right now.
  13. I called after i read this on the site...She may have been mistaken but she did say 11 am.
  14. I just called the Box Office because I'm trying to get 10 dollar tickets for friday's game against the Penguins. Woman said that they start giving out bracelets at 11 am now! figured i'd give everyone the heads up.