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  1. sweet logo!
  2. well hey there old thread!
  3. go bruins!
  4. The hit was illegal, i wouldnt label it dirty though. It didnt seem to have thuggish intent of a Todd Bertuzzi or that Islander guy who kept swinging his stick around Wasn't blindside either, i believe the announcers went over that.
  5. this
  6. 70 in 7 years? you make each and every one of those posts count haha =p
  7. Gotta go with the hot hand, and so far its unanimous 22-0
  8. i could sign up for this haha
  9. Excellent collection of smilies haha
  10. Kovaltine?
  11. this has to be the biggest bandwith eater ever, and its all worth it, Kovyyyyy ftw!
  12. this smells like a missed oppertunity for a poll!
  13. who wouldnt want a FIREBETTMAN.com Teddy bear???
  14. So yeahh about that ruling, its been a busy weekend. anyone know when its supposed to come?
  15. hahaha this thread is straight out hilarious