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  1. Yeah drafting 2 safeties shocked me, I would have liked to have seen a Cover corner in the 2nd round...
  2. I had heard the same thing, and also that Tavares also had injuries issues the season before being drafted...
  3. Love the Adams pick, really I did not understand the trades for any of the QBS. And the experts are clueless, most had Howard going top 10, and D heavy picks early,
  4. I remember when the announced the team was moving here, and I remember voting on the name of the team, every day I'd cut out the ballot in the press and mail it in, so I guess that puts me as a fan since '81?
  5. Its a QB league, if you donot have a good 1 its really hard if not impossible to teams who donot have 1 are always looking to find 1
  6. If the Jets take a TE at #6 as McShay suggests I think I'll lose my mind!
  7. I like the jersey's as they are... no changes needed
  8. I do not know how everyone else feels about Gomez, but he was very good while he was in NJ, no complaints about that.
  9. Can McLeod be as good as Taveres? Or am I wishing for too much?
  10. I know we have a few Futbol fans here!! Champions league has been fun, even though Arsenal freakin SUCK!! Was rooting for Dortmund, but Monaco has been really exciting to watch! On that bandwagon the rest of the WAY!! I'm glad it will not be an all Madrid final,
  11. Agree 100%
  12. Anyone know where we can watch Albany Devils Playoff games? Its 1/2 the NJDevils roster anyway...
  13. Damn I missed this, but I would have lost anyway, had Wild beating Habs in the finals....
  14. IMHO it will be almost impossible to get Shattenkirk here unless he is strictly following the money and we offer the most. Severson has to be back, he's young and will only get better, I'm also against Trading Henrique....unless Trouba or something similar is the return. Henrique does so much for this team, and this year he did it w/ AHL wingers!!!
  15. How can we look at rosters after all the drops? I wanted to see which teams have a lot of keeper eligible players that they might want to trade...