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  1. Players Tribune - Marty

    Marty wrote an article on the players Tribune.  Good read
  2. The Marty Night thread

    Troll.. really?  some people are clueless...   I love Dano but he is a good player who is a good guy who was a lifer and the fans loved him... The guy said you donot retire a number for that reason, I'm saying that is not true, and I have NO problem w/ Dano's #3 being retired...
  3. The Marty Night thread

  4. The Marty Night thread

    Best Line of the NIGHT!!
  5. The Marty Night thread

    OK I am unbelievably frustrated, found tickets for $140 each, which I was willing to pay, ( normal price is probably $25, but I get it.. no issues), I goto check out and there are an additional $52 in ticket master fees?  are you freakin kiddingme? its obscene!!
  6. The Marty Night thread

  7. The Marty Night thread

    All my ticket contacts crapped out, anyone know where to get decently priced tix?  SG prices are out of my range
  8. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Old School Lou, has a nice ring to it...
  9. exactly why I ignore  these advanced stats!!   Corey is freakin King!! Blandisi & Boucher are earning their keep and while Farnham can be trouble his speed is troublesome for many defenses! L:ast night was a fun game  
  10. it would just be a player & a draft pick for either a player and a pick or just a pick, correct??
  11. So here is my question, once we are in the off season, I'm assuming keepers donot have to be named until right before the draft, can we trade possible keepers for picks?
  12. That's why I can NEVER pick him, I'd have to root against my own goalie every night
  13. Yes but I wanted it changed, just thought it was dead because you wanted 100% vote, and we have a few managers that seem to have disappeared!! I'm all for it starting next week, I;'ll have offers ready to go!  
  14. ARRGG!!!  I had given up on draft pick trades!!  otherwise I would have not traded Draisaitl, that being said I'm still for it!!!