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  1. I do not know how everyone else feels about Gomez, but he was very good while he was in NJ, no complaints about that.
  2. Can McLeod be as good as Taveres? Or am I wishing for too much?
  3. I know we have a few Futbol fans here!! Champions league has been fun, even though Arsenal freakin SUCK!! Was rooting for Dortmund, but Monaco has been really exciting to watch! On that bandwagon the rest of the WAY!! I'm glad it will not be an all Madrid final,
  4. Agree 100%
  5. Anyone know where we can watch Albany Devils Playoff games? Its 1/2 the NJDevils roster anyway...
  6. Damn I missed this, but I would have lost anyway, had Wild beating Habs in the finals....
  7. IMHO it will be almost impossible to get Shattenkirk here unless he is strictly following the money and we offer the most. Severson has to be back, he's young and will only get better, I'm also against Trading Henrique....unless Trouba or something similar is the return. Henrique does so much for this team, and this year he did it w/ AHL wingers!!!
  8. How can we look at rosters after all the drops? I wanted to see which teams have a lot of keeper eligible players that they might want to trade...
  9. Hasan Congrats... Have to be honest, after the McDavid trade I thought I was money ( which is the only reason I would trade Eichel) , and when I went up by 10+ points soon after I thought I was going to run away and hide, then hasan gets 3 SO in a week and I never recovered!! Its good to see Sworn Struggle a little after his 3 peat and thought it was crazy how he made trades to try to win, his team tanked, then trades those players for picks and his team gets hot!! Fun season, especially when things got ugly for the Devs, this really kept me going... Back to the drawing board... ,
  10. So looking over everything, I need a shut out or 2 over the last 3 weeks or I will not win, few other things need to fall into place as well, but the shutouts have been very hard to come by this year...
  11. Those back to back shuts killed me!! I basically had to stay away from yahoo for a few days, I think I went from up 8 to down 14 in like 5 days... freaking crazy!! I went trade crazy this year, after swearing I would not trade Eichel, the chance to get Mcdavid & Draisaitl ( who you know I love) was just too much, thought that would drive me to the title, which it was until you got the shuts... For the record I had no interest in Guarreau, the seabrook trade was more for the K status, and the price trade was me just being an idiot due to the frustration that everytime I switched goalies I chose the wrong 1 ( and honestly I mistakenly thought Schiefle was a keeper ( moron!!) ) My team is stocked w non-keepers now, scarey thought for the off season, but keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a shut or 2 to get back in this race!
  12. I'd still love to get Evander Kane, not sure where Buffalo is with him, but he is very talented and seems to be getting it together on the ice, off the ice, he can be a run away train, but if the price is right I'd love to get him
  13. Now I understand why so many fans of other teams hated the Devils during the trap year... Holy crap that was hard to watch!!
  14. Done shuffling goalies... its Murray the rest of the way! Price frustrated the hell out of me!!
  15. His not scoring is not the only problem, last night 15 seconds left and a chance to end the game with the puck on his stick, instead of making the safe play he shoots, misses gets called for icing and puts the team in a defensive zone face off when he could have easily skated the puck out,... Camms has been a disaster would love to see him go...