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  1. I'd still love to get Evander Kane, not sure where Buffalo is with him, but he is very talented and seems to be getting it together on the ice, off the ice, he can be a run away train, but if the price is right I'd love to get him
  2. Now I understand why so many fans of other teams hated the Devils during the trap year... Holy crap that was hard to watch!!
  3. Done shuffling goalies... its Murray the rest of the way! Price frustrated the hell out of me!!
  4. His not scoring is not the only problem, last night 15 seconds left and a chance to end the game with the puck on his stick, instead of making the safe play he shoots, misses gets called for icing and puts the team in a defensive zone face off when he could have easily skated the puck out,... Camms has been a disaster would love to see him go...
  5. what is the cutoff where players are exposed to the draft? players like wood, Santini blandisi.. do they have to be protected? What about wedgewood? if we are protecting Bennett then I'm guessing the younger players are not eligible for the draft & we suck more than I thought!!
  6. What is the trade deadline for us? Same as the NHL?
  7. that and Carey price giving up 4 goals to the worst offense in the NHL
  8. I cannot believe I'm still dead last in PPP, was hoping all these trades would have improved, but I guess I must have been much farther back then I realized! And only 3.5 pts from shut outs w/ Price & Murray is mind boggling to me!
  9. Fun game to watch, exciting/scary towards the end!
  10. I'm in the midst of my goaltending month of hell...
  11. 1st for 2 days.. then I plunge to 3rd!!
  12. Freaking Price is KILLING ME!!!
  13. You should have asked which 1 would you not mind the Devils Moving.... I mind if they trade any of the following... Wood, Speers, Santini, Mcleod Quenville. Need to give all these guys a chance to prove them selves....
  14. What a brutal night, Star goalie gives up 7, other star goalie give up 4!!! Thankfully I started the latter...
  15. we also supposedly have a lot of depth at "D",. that's why we traded Larsen in the 1st place... Unless I'm getting blown away I'm against trading the kid, he has been really good for the DEVS,