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  1. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Use this thread for happenings around the NHL, but if something is really big, feel free to start a thread about it. Starting it off (and I did struggle if this was worthy of its own thread) we've got BREAKING news regarding Jaromir Jagr: User Actions FollowGeorge RichardsVerified account‏@GeorgeRichardsBREAKING FASHION NEWS: .@68Jagr says he's growing his hair, bringing back the mullet. 'I have to.' #FlaPanthers
  2. Tony Dungy

    Great story told by Pat Yasinskas:
  3. GDT Devils @ Ducks 8PM, 1/11/09

    I don't think anyone takes that contract. It depends on a few things...does JVB want to know eat some more salary, and does Lou have it in him to send a a Devils' "soldier" like Pandolfo into the minors...thus ending his caree?. It is one thing to do it with McGillis, but I don't know about a guy who has played for this team for 10+ years and won 2 Cups. It's a shame, because he should be playing in this league, but not at 2.5 million for two more years. That is one awful deal.
  4. GDT Devils @ Ducks 8PM, 1/11/09

    The Elias-Zubrus-Gionta line went from having this great chemistry to completely losing it in just a few short weeks. As the saying goes that is so true in sports is that you are never as good you look, and never as bad as you look. I think the Devils were clearly overachieving a few weeks ago, but the last little while has been awful. I seriously don't know what the Devils do with Pandolfo and that contract. It is beyond awful. He doesn't bring much to the table, and whatever line he is on isn't going to get any chances. And Tri...regarding Holik. He has been terrible, and I thought it goes without saying. I wasn't much of a fan of the signing in the first place. The Penalties have to stop. Right now the team is struggling and it isn't pretty to watch.
  5. NFL Divisonal Playoffs

    Where to begin? First of all congrats to the Cardinals on a hell of a game. I can honestly say I did not see this coming. Not that I didn't think they could beat us, but not this way. The Panthers were averaging 30+ points every game the last month and a bit. They could score anyway imaginable. I had some doubts, but if they lost it was going to be 35-28 or something. They were outcoached plain and simple. I am taking this loss pretty well. I am shocked, but I am actually doing alright. I think the FOX announcers were dead wrong with their analysis. The Panthers run game wasn't stopped. They just had to dump it in the late second half. The Panthers could have run all over them if they wanted to, and did during the opening series, but they were down too much too early. Jake just choked. And everyone can trash him, but he has been a big game quarterback his entire career. He went shot for shot with Brady in the Super Bowl. He has been clutch when it counts, but tonight he just choked. His passes were awful. He flat out fvcking sucked. As bad as the Cardinals won, I am not sold on them. They don't have a run game no matter what people say. They just figured out how to get 5 yards when the defense has 5 DBs on the field. And this isn't sour grapes, I swear, I am not sold on them. This was just the worst possible game at the worst time from a good team. The Panthers can't play down by this much. They only carry 3 receivers. They need to establish the run, and pound the ball. Man Jake was bad. What's so frustrating is how easy it was in the opening drive. That is how it should have been all game. Just an awful game. Oh well, I really thought this might be the year. I just didn't see this ass kicking coming. They had no answer for Larry Fitzgerald. He is outstanding. I'm rambling...I just can't believe this. But again congrats to the Cardinals. You deserve this.
  6. Shanahan joins Devils

    A 40 year old in a few weeks who has missed half a season. I just don`t see him getting the rust out and back to game speed for months. Did anyone see Sundin the other night? It looked ugly.
  7. Shanahan joins Devils

    I was willing to bet a lot of money that this thread was a joke when I saw the title.
  8. 2008 - 09 NFL playoffs thread!

    It better be in a new thread. I mean we had a differet thread for each week of the season. No reason to put it all in one thread now.
  9. You Make the Call: Does Devils' Clemmensen need a rest?

    I think it would be close. How many breakaways or 2 on 1s did Clemmer face before the Stars game? How many "outstanding" saves did he have to make? Marty would no doubt have at least 3 shutouts during that stretch. Now Marty will let in a softy from now and then, but for the most part these would be easy games for Brodeur.
  10. You Make the Call: Does Devils' Clemmensen need a rest?

    I think you are mixing up love affair with why is Clemmensen starting 13 games in a row or 20 of 21. I don't think Clemmensen has been nothing short of tremendous, but he has exceeded expectations by far. And I wasn't upset that Weekes wasn't the starter, I just didn't understand what they saw from Clemmer in his first 3 that was different than Weekes. They both had a few nice moments and struggled at times. What continues to be left out is that when Clemmer started winning, the Devils team played some of their best team defense and team offense in I don't know how long. He barely had to make any saves at all. The 5 on 3 against the Rangers was one of the only moments with Clemmensen where I thought to myself that his play was the difference in the game. And lastly, I would be surprised if Weekes put up better than numbers Clemmer, but he still has no business being on the bench for 20 of 21 games. You don't see that anywhere in the league except here.
  11. You Make the Call: Does Devils' Clemmensen need a rest?

    Amen...about time other people called this guy out, instead of letting him unfortunately be the voice of this forum (or just guy the posts the most) Seriously, Clemmensen can do no wrong. That first goal was one of the weakest goals you'll ever see by a Devils goalie. And the truth is Clemmensen has been solid, but never great, and he'll go as the team goes. He's never going to steal one. And maybe Weekes will suck, and never do nearly as well as Clemmer, but like Crasher said it would have been nice to get a chance. And nobody should call Weekes out on what he does in one game after being on the bench for 12 in a row, or 18 of 19. Remember how bad Clemmensen looked replacing Marty back in 2006, and 2007? The guy let in goals from just inside centre ice, and shots from all sorts of bad angles. The fact is the Devils have played some incredible team defense during Clemmer's run, and that has bene the key. The 3rd goal tonight by Atlanta is something we don't see two weeks ago. It just didn't happen. As for SD, again don't talk about Weekes early on because the only thing that got Clemmensen's run going was a 6-5 win over Washington, while Weekes loses to Buffalo while playing amazing, when the team has no effort. Weekes loss against the Red Wings has been no different than the losses of Clemmer in the last two games, especially tonight.
  12. Parise is an All star

    Well having guys like Keith Tkachuk and Mike Modano playing in the game definitely make the game a lot more sh!ttier. These guys are not what this game is all about. This should be about great skill and speed with players like Hossa, Kessel and Elias. Not two over-the-hill players like those guys. I mean what is this...the 1996 US Gold Medal Winning World Cup Team? Here are some stats when you know the system in place is wrong. The 5th leading scorer in the NHL was not selected into the all-star game. The 89th, 100th and 101th leading scorers were.
  13. Parise is an All star

    This is no different than Brett Farve making it. The NHL needs someone big fom the Rangers making it. But in the entire league, when the 4th overall goal scorer and the 5th overall point getter isn't there. Something is wrong.
  14. Parise is an All star

    Heatley in...Elias and Kessel out. I shouldn't care, but no Sens player deserves to be there.
  15. Western All-star lineup

    How did the Ducks get so many players in as starters? Is there this giant Duck Nation that I don't know about or did they come up with some voting software as well?